Amnesty International Denmark continues their fight for the fundamental rights of the LGBTIQ+ community, around the globe.

For this year’s, ‘Love is Not a Crime’ campaign, the focus is on hate speech against the LGBTIQ+ community.
In recent years, we have seen an increase in hate speech targeting people and organisations throughout the world,
based on sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics.
Hate speech has serious consequences on the safety and mental health of those targeted, and forces them to withdraw from public debate.
Hate speech removes the voice of the LGBTIQ+ community, crucially damaging the freedom of expression.

ROTATE joins forces with Amnesty International Denmark to build awareness and raise money for the 2023 campaign,
in collaboration with A-Management and ELLE Denmark.

In aid of the efforts, ROTATE have created two Limited-Edition Charity Tees, featuring ROTATE’s signature flair.
All proceeds from the Tees will be go towards Amnesty International Denmark’s further advocation of the
‘Love is Not a Crime’ campaign and year-round dedication to supporting the LGBTIQ+ community.