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    PETA Fashion Awards

    Written by Ksenia Rundin

    Step by step, fashion has become a certain moral agent driving ethical behaviour and re-shaping the industry and consumer behaviour as such. The PETA Fashion Awards celebrate the labels, style icons, and forward-thinking designers that have succeeded in making significant statements for animals in 2019.

    Chanel, Victoria Beckham and even Selfridges have created this year’s Best Luxury Fashion Moment by abandoning exotic skins, while H&M received a Progress Award for its Conscious Exclusive collection, featuring pineapple-leaf leather and orange-peel silk. Furthermore, Amsterdam Fashion Week has banned fur, receiving the Best International Fashion Moment for their achievement. ECOPEL and Stella McCartney were honoured with a Collaboration Award for KOBA, a recyclable, bio-based faux-fur fabric.

    Other winners include also Hunter, awarded Best Vegan Outerwear for its “Vegan Edit” of jackets, bags, and rain boots. VIN + OMI, which was praised with an innovation Award for its revolutionary material made from nettles.  Napapijri nabbed Best Down-Free Brand for its recyclable Infinity Skidoo jacket, white Ashoka took home the  Best Vegan Bags prize for its apple-leather accessories. Leticia Credidio received the Designer to Watch award for her organic cotton and seaweed apparel. Nanushka won the Most Wanted Award for its Hide vegan leather puffer, a street-style favourite in 2019. Hemp Tailor was awarded with the Best Wool-Free Collection award for their vegan knitwear, while Sascha Camilli received the Essential Reading Award for her book Vegan Style.

    For more information please see PETA.org.uk

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  • photography by CAMILLA ANDERSEN / Nordiska Museet

    Arktis; The Ice is Melting

    Written by Fashion Tales

    At a time where the subject of our climate as it a critical point - Nordiska museet has now unveiled their latest exhibition 'The Arctic - While the Ice is Melting' following the lives of those living in the coldest climates in the world on a journey through their past, present - and a glimpse of where their future might be heading if we continue to live unsustainably.

    Beautifully curated by Swedish duo Museea, the exhibit begins by walking us through a 400 sq meter Iceberg with a deep crack in the middle. The crack is an integral part of the whole exhibit as it ties together the different parts (past, present and future), and themes of ’breakage’, and ’movement’ as a result of the human impact on the Arctic. From the melting ice sheets, to the breaking of old traditions, the destruction of homes and mans dependency on nature and its limited resources, there is always a constant fight for survival.

    The most intriguing aspect of the exhibition is the way people in arctic regions today react to challenging situations as part of their everyday life. A lot of these communities are hopeful, and prepared for what the future may bring as they have no other option.

    We fortunately do have the option to make small changes to our everyday life, which takes us to the end of the exhibit - where you can leave a ’promise’ to the planet by choosing an action or changing a habit as a contribution towards a more sustainable future.


    Written by Fashion Tales

    Paris-based fashion brand AÉRYNE has decided to put an end to all mass- produced retail collaborations. Instead, every garment will be especially made for the customer with 100% leftover fabric. The new On-Demand system will not only meet the same delivery time, but also combat one of the biggest environmental threats caused by the fashion industry - Overstock.

    The fashion market is worth $2.5 trillion globally and is after oil and coal, the most polluting industry. Today many clothing brands are investing in sustainable fabrics, but often missing the bigger picture, not questioning the traditional production model.

    The problem is not what we sell, but what we don’t sell. Due to mass-produced collections based on uncertain trend analyses and guesses, large amounts of clothes end up in stock rooms at the end of the season, with tons of clothes being burnt each year. Burberry alone burned unsold stock for 37.6 million dollars in 2018. Our industry have mass-produced itself into being one of the world’s biggest environmental damaging industries, while depleting resources, devastating and polluting lands, oceans and whole countries.” - Siri Vikman, CEO

    From the 16th of September, AÉRYNE’s customers will be able to purchase the first On-Demand collection made in Hungary. By only producing upon order, AÉRYNE will dramatically minimize fabric waste, reduce carbon emissions and preserve the earth’s resources. Customers will receive notifications throughout the production process, as well as information on who is sewing their garments, in order to ensure 100% transparency. When the garment is ready, it is sent straight from the AÉRYNE Atelier within the normal delivery time, cutting all middle hands and unnecessary detours.

    We have to start taking environmental responsibility and stop blaming the end consumers. Sustainable fabrics are essential, but it doesn't change the core problem. We need to redefine the meaning of sustainability and acknowledge the gravity of overstock while there is still time. I started AÉRYNE with a vision of changing the indu- stry, and 5 years later the On-demand system is finally here. The fashion revolution has officially started” - Siri Vikman, CEO


    Written by Fashion Tales

    With the mission to inspire women to unleash their creativity and potential Powher Accessories will mark its de- but on August 29, 2019. The launch include the opening of a Powher pop-up shop at & Other Stories flagship store in Stockholm as well as a content dri- ven online shop.

    Powher believes thinking small is the new big thing. The simple yet so powerful ritu- al of adding accessories to elevate your outfit and attitude is what Powher is all about. A brand that encourage all you incredible women to be and act more you.

    ”The act of wearing accessories has been a mirror of women’s contemporary lives throughout history. That means every woman from royals and female icons to the girl next door have a relationship to the product- a concept that is truly Powher’s never ending source of inspiration”, says Linnéa Bach Gärde, Co-founder.

    The Powher debut collection consists of hair accessories, earcuffs and brooches. All pieces come in a non-body-pierced design and many are customizable for that unique styling and personalized look. It’s a see now buy now assortment with prod- ucts added continuously to the line the coming months. Powher will also offer a hand picked vintage collection with weekly drops.

    ”We love to see Powher as an inclusive and lovable brand, always presenting must- have designs and wallet friendly prices. Our very name embodies the culture of the brand; the collection and the content are manifestations of female empowerment”, says Sanja Jovansdotter Meerits Co-founder.


    Written by Fashion Tales

    The Fall 2019 CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR campaign, #MYCALVINS IRL – In Real Life- celebrates two totally different perspectives of what sexy looks like. The result blurs the line between the public image and private realities of our unapologetic cast and asks the question, how do you do sexy? Perfectly filtered or IRL raw?

    The campaign features a cast of bold personalities whose vulnerability and confidence expose a new, spirited idea of sexy. Supermodel Naomi Campbell, DJ and producer Diplo, actor Jacob Elordi, NFL star Odell Beckham, Jr., model Matthew Noszka and musicians Beth Ditto and Lay Zhang star in their first CALVIN KLEIN campaign alongside actress Jelly Lin, supermodel Bella Hadid and model Cara Taylor. Each comfortable in their own skin and each confident in their CALVINS.

    The #MYCALVINS IRL campaign brings a unique point of view on sexy by capturing both the posed and stripped- back sides. In a series of high-energy videos by Bardia Zeinali and expressive still images by Daniel Jackson, the campaign brings to life the playful and pure perspective of sexy; one that encourages self-expression and underscores the idea that sexy is a state of mind.

    The Fall 2019 campaign highlights the brand’s new underwear offerings including: Neon, 1981 Bold, across both men’s and women’s categories, and Liquid Touch, in the women’s tailored bra category. A continuation of the #MYCALVINS movement, the campaign will embrace a video first approach and will be supported by digital, social, and high-impact outdoor locations.


    Written by Fashion Tales

    Together with Instagram men’s style account MenWith, H&M launches a collection based on data derived from the most engaging posts on the Instagram accounts @menwithclass and @menwithstreetstyle.
    The men’s design team has together with MenWith created a capsule collection based on those styles. The collaboration includes a knitted roller neck, the perfect hoodie, slacks with contrast piping, a plaid scarf, beanie, suede cap and the statement biker jacket. The capsule collection launches online and in selected stores August 22.

    Daniel Frank and Erik Simmingsköld of MenWith says “MenWith wants to explore the democratization of men’s fashion and has the ambition to play a pivotal role in make male style broadly accessible, focusing on the styles themselves rather than the people who wear them; clearly embodied by the distinct MenWith cropped heads format of the posts. By teaming up with H&M we can now offer the male customer a collection based on the most appreciated styles”.