• Acne Studios x Starter black label

    Written by Fashion Tales

    Acne Studios teams up with Starter Black Label for a capsule collection

    Acne Studios collaborates with the legendary American athletic brand Starter Black Label on a range of iconic pieces. From the classic Starter baseball jacket, basketball jersey and baseball hats to the Acne Studios 1996 and 1997 jeans, oversized logo patches are placed throughout the collection to playfully accentuate the partnership.

    The collaboration presents classic pieces from both Acne Studios and Starter Black Label to create a fresh, new vision for Spring/Summer 2019. Sportswear items such as a baseball jacket, shirt and shorts, basketball jersey and shorts, ball caps and a basketball have been reimagined in the Acne Studios pink and marine blue, with the number 13. Meanwhile, the Acne Studios 1996 and 1997 jeans feature either the Starter Black Label logo embroidery or a patchwork with the logos. Rounding out the collection are t-shirts with embroidered logos and the Acne Studios 1998 and 2000 denim jackets with patchwork logos.
    “I’m interested in the relationship between sports merchandise and fashion, and this collaboration with Starter Black Label originated from that curiosity,” says Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios.

    Starter has always represented the fusion of sports, pop culture and fashion, so collaborating with a fashion heavy-hitter like Acne Studios is the perfect fit. We love the fashion-forward take that Acne Studios has put on classic Starter pieces while still staying true to the DNA of both brands,” says Carl Banks, two-time Super Bowl champion and President of G-III Sports, the licensee for Starter in North America.
    The Acne Studios and Starter Black Label collaboration will be available in selected Acne Studios stores and online at acnestudios.com from 30 May. Visit press.acnestudios.com for images and contact information.

    A premium athletic brand established in 1971 and owned by Iconix Brand Group, pioneered the fusion of
    sports clothing with popular culture by forging partnerships with the major professional basketball, football, baseball and hockey leagues. STARTER launched STARTER Black Label in 2012 as a premium lifestyle brand extension focusing on a fashion-forward collection of logo branded apparel and accessories. Shortly after, STARTER re-launched the legendary STARTER jacket, quickly becoming a wardrobe staple for sports fans, athletes and entertainers to express their team pride and street style. In addition to Pro and NCAA outerwear, Starter expanded its NCAA collection to include apparel and headwear categories for more than 120 top NCAA programs. For more information, please visit starter.com.

  • photography by PER ORCHIDEEN

    APLACE - New store, new experience

    Written by Fashion Tales

    On May, 17th 2019, APLACE re-opened it’s store at Bruno Gallerian. Discover a full-renovated store, in a paired down atmosphere.

    APLACE teamed up with Ray Atelier to create a new store concept based on the best from Scandinavia. They have developed a minimalistic designed store with bricks, steel, wood, textiles and glass, which are from nearby areas of Stockholm.

    Find bricks from Swedish oldest brickwork; and art pieces created by Kajsa Melchior, who is an independent designer and architect based in Stockholm.

    The store concept offer a new experience to customers, and present pieces of clothing, shoes and decoration in the best way.

    Address : Götgatan 36, 118 26 Stockholm
    Website : www.aplace.com/sv

  • NO SOCIETY – a brand that blurs the line between skincare and fashion

    Written by Fashion Tales

    Created by Carl Falkenberg, NO SOCIETY officially launched on May, 9th 2019.

    During the launching party, guests were able to discover the first range of unisex, vegan and “made in
    Stockholm” cosmetics: face moisturizer gel, shave butter, post-shave mist, face mist, and a lip treat.

    As well as the first pieces of the clothing line, such as sweaters, socks or a tote bag; all made from organic cotton and other sustainable materials.

    NO SOCIETY has its own vision of the beauty and fashion industries with a commitment to sustainability focusing on a few key products and a unisex perspective even if the main target seams to be men.

    All products are on exclusively sold on the website: www.nosociety.com

  • I Speak My Truth #MYCALVINS

    Written by Fashion Tales

    For over five decades, CALVIN KLEIN has existed to provoke, challenge and defy the status quo. Who believe that embracing authentic self-expression creates a platform for authentic connections – and ultimately, a catalyst for change.

    In theire latest campaign, I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS presents today’s most influential voices telling their own stories, in their own words – and invites others around the world to do the same.

    The campaign features a cast of cultural catalysts. Chosen for their raw talent, each is a force to be reckoned with.
    • A$AP Rocky, Musician
    • Bella Hadid, Model
    • Billie Eilish, Musician
    • Chika, Musician
    • Indya Moore, Actor, Activist
    • Kendall Jenner, Model
    • Kevin Abstract, Digital Media Artist, Filmmaker, Musician
    • Noah Centineo, Actor
    • Shawn Mendes, Musician
    • Troye Sivan, Actor, Musician
    • Yoo Ah-In, Actor

    The I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS campaign reveals the personal narratives of each cast member in a series of videos by acclaimed director, Jonas Lindstroem and accompanying still images shot by renowned photographer, Mario Sorrenti. Truths range from cheeky and playful to raw and emotional, with many playing off the letters that compromise the iconic CK monogram.


    Written by Fashion Tales

    FENDI and Gentle Monster announce the launch of GENTLE FENDI - a one-of-a-kind collection of sunglasses designed by the Roman Maison in collaboration with the Korean sunglasses and optical glasses brand, manufactured and distributed by SAFILO.

    The GENTLE FENDI Capsule Collection is comprised of two unisex styles that embody a perfect balance between innovative design and exquisite craftsmanship, combining FENDI’s DNA with Gentle Monster unpredictable aesthetic.

    GENTLE FENDI NO.1 is a hyper-fashion metal and acetate designed frame, surfing the current trend of small shapes and bold logos, while GENTLE FENDI NO.2 is a metal style that combines a strong fashion attitude with an easy-to-wear look.

    The GENTLE FENDI Capsule Collection will be presented with an innovative and disruptive video-art directed by collective Russian artists AES+F; renowned for combining multiple forms of tools, including sculptures, photography, architecture and media technology. The video portrays a grandiose and lavish aesthetic, combining fashion with art whilst merging and opposing futurism with an ancient feeling. Under the form of magical creatures, models wearing the GENTLE FENDI sunglasses are projected in a surreal atmosphere where they meet and interact with strange alien-like geometrical structures, surrounded by classical architecture and minimal elements.

    The GENTLE FENDI Capsule Collection will debut early May 2019 in FENDI and Gentle Monster boutiques along with selected optic stores worldwide. 
    Custom rotating installations will take centre stage at selected FENDI and Gentle Monster boutiques worldwide, among which include, Fendi Roma Palazzo, New York Madison, Gentle Monster London, New York Soho and MBS Singapore. Infusing the boutiques with an industrial and futuristic aesthetic, the installations will feature a 360° rotating structure with life-like mannequins wearing GENTLE FENDIsunglasses.

    The launch of GENTLE FENDI will be celebrated at the NY Soho store on May 14th with a VIP gathering, along with special events taking place in Seoul and Beijing the same month. The events will include special animations and set-up, hosting a cool crowd of guests, celebrities, Influencers and DJ’s from all over the world.

    Moreover, a GENTLE FENDI Caffè will take centre stage in Seoul starting from May 7 until the end of July, where visitors will have the chance to taste a customized GENTLE FENDI original Steccolecco gelato bars and other custom desserts and beversages. On the other hand, an interactive installation called ‘The Observer’ will land in front of the Gentle Monster flagship store in Beijing.  Starting from May 7 until June 1, a live performance will be activated from ‘The Observer’ by live performers. They will hand-out custom made ice-creams to the purchasing customers of the GENTLE FENDI sunglasses or to all visitors posting on socials with the official project hashtags.

    To generate additional buzz, FENDI and Gentle Monster have created two loveable sticker characters –Gennie and Fennie, both wearing the GENTLE FENDI sunglasses – that will be used on Gentle Monster KakaoTalk official account and as animated GIFs on FENDI’s social media platforms.

    Discover more on fendi.com and gentlemonster.com starting from April 30, 2019.

    #GentleMonster #Fendi


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    When some people follow the codes, others break them and play with them, like René Lacoste when he cut the sleeves of his shirt to create the polo shirt.
    The streets of New York’s East Village remember the man who used their walls the way others use a canvas.
    Lacoste pays tribute to Keith Haring the artist and unveils an artistic and socially conscious collection.

    LACOSTE presents its brand new collection with the 20th century pop icon Keith Haring. A street art genius of the 1980s, Keith Haring is known for the simplicity of his line, his bright colours outlined in black and his animated figures who express his energy, zest for life and spontaneity: common values shared with the French company, which pays homage to the unique world and vision of this pioneer who had already understood the importance of combining art and fashion.

    The Keith Haring X LACOSTE line elegantly combines the eccentricity of an all-over print with the sobriety of iconic pictograms. Multi-coloured or in negative, the famous figures which are the painter’s hallmark spread across polo shirts, T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, and dresses. The equally legendary “Barking Dog” and “Heart” drawings are displayed on a T-shirt or discretely applied on the collar of a polo shirt or the back of a tennis shoe.

    With this collection, Lacoste pays tribute to an artist but also to a free, creative and timeless spirit. Conceived and designed for all those who want to inject a touch of art in their life, this colourful, pop-influenced collection will be available at www.lacoste.com