Fogia Art Selection: where design meets art

Written by Natalia Muntean

Swedish design brand Fogia unveils the second edition of its initiative, Fogia Art Selection. The project marries the worlds of art and design, showcasing how art can blend into living spaces and also offering artists and creators a platform to express themselves.

The Fogia Art Selection initiative, introduced in 2023, is based on the belief that art and space are interconnected. By curating and integrating the artists' work with Fogia’s range of designer furniture, the initiative highlights the impact of textiles, silhouettes, materials, colors, and shapes on our emotional landscape.

This year’s lineup features three Swedish artists: John Artur, Malou Palmqvist, and Micael de Leeuw, each selected for their ability to echo Fogia’s design philosophy through their respective mediums.

Transitioning from music and fashion to the art world, Artur’s creations are a study in contrasts, blending organic with synthetic, and encompassing a diverse range of mediums from paint to pixels.

Micael de Leeuw’s artistic evolution has led him from traditional painting to the sculptural realm, experimenting with various techniques and mediums, including yarn, to create pieces that straddle the line between the real and the abstract.

With a focus on stoneware ceramics and textile sculptures, Palmqvist’s work captures the surreal nature of human forms, portraying a delicate balance between movement and disintegration.

Fogia Art Selection is now on display in the brand’s Concept Store in Stockholm.