Written by Fashion Tales

Following on from the successful launch of its ‘Workwear is our soul’ series that highlighted the diversity of
London’s emerging creators, Lee® expands the series for a Pan European audience, working with new talent
across Sweden, France, Poland, and the UK.

Launched at the end of May 2023, ‘Workwear is our soul – London’ placed a spotlight on a series of

contemporary creators who, through their work, underlined the diversity of talent in the nation’s capital while
proving Lee® is as relevant to workwear in 2023 as it was in 1889. Harnessing the creativity of pottery and
sculpture alongside the lyrical talent of song writing and music came ‘Workwear is our Soul’s debut stars,
ceramic artist and sculptor, Ronaldo Wiltshire, and West London dream-pop musician, Unflirt.

The FW23 collection honours Lee’s innovative workwear roots with a series of fresh and youthful styles,
including loose-fit tees and icons like the Loco jacket and carpenter pants with contrast stitching. Nearly 130
years ago, Lee® began its journey to create purposeful pieces with an eye for craftsmanship. Ever since, its
timeless yet versatile designs have inspired new generations to put their very own twist on what heritage
means to them. ‘Workwear Is Our Soul’ sees the latest cohort of campaign stars champion exactly this. Talent
in the series can be found below and includes individuals from a range of creative sectors including artists,
chefs, bakers, craftspeople, illustrators, and tattoo artists.

- Dante Zia is a passionate Italian cook from Skåne in Sweden and brother to influential singer and
presenter, Oscar Zia. He rose to fame when he participated in Sweden's Master Chef in 2018, and today co-
hosts his own tv show with his brother, alongside regularly appearing on Swedish cooking shows, where he
offers viewers his favorite Italian-inspired recipes.

- Samuel Eckert is a Parisian Illustrator and Tattoo artist. From murals and fanzines, to tattoos, t-shirts
and magazine illustrations, Samuel Eckert creates absurd and naive drawings and paintings that play with
shapes and words. His work exceeds illustration via his recent collaborations with leading magazines and
streetwear brands alongside hosting creative workshops.
- Johanna Tordjman is a North African artist living between Paris and Los Angeles. Johanna brings a
digitalised and softened approach to traditional portrait art via her boundary-blurring approach that
encompasses the real and the virtual.

- Mateusz Ulman is a famed Polish pastry chef and baker living in Copenhagen, known for his legendary
croissants and clever creations, he is the founder of renowned cafés Format & Lille Format.
- Weronika Lucinska is an award-winning artist and designer from Wroclaw in Poland. Participating in
over 100 exhibitions and international competitions across Europe, Weronika’s work consists of art
installations in object form, combining art and design with ceramic sculptures and glass elements. Weronika
is currently an Assistant Professor at the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland.
- Marcin Kuberna is a jar maker living in Warsaw, owner of GROPK Ceramics. For many years he worked as
a fashion stylist, was associated with 'Twoj Styl', then with Vogue. A year ago, he founded his own brand
Grôpk, which means pot in Kashubian. In April, his unique ceramics were shown at the '1000 Vases' exhibition
as part of the Art Paris international art fair.

- Sertaç Dirik is the head chef and co-owner of the acclaimed Mangal 2 Restaurant in Dalston, London.
Recognised by Observer Food Monthly as Young Chef of the Year 2022, and featured in Code Hospitality's 30
under 30, Sertaç has been coined one of the most exciting and sought after culinary talents in the UK’s
hospitality industry.