Skin Generics

Written by Alicia

The korean 12 step skincare routine is trending all over the world, but we can all agree that it's very time consuming and takes a lot of storage. Skin generics came up with the brilliant idea to downsize it to only needing 3 products in your bathroom cabinet but still get all of the skincare benefits as a 12 step routine.

What inspired the creation of Skin Generics, and what specific skincare concerns or gaps in the market were you aiming to address with your products? 
SKG was created to offer the consumer a very high ingredient based, high performing skin care range that is cosmeceutical but at an affordable price. We don’t believe the consumer should have to pay huge levels of money for amazing results driven skin care. We wanted to keep things simple and give the consumer only what they needed without having to buy so many products. This is the Korean inspiration of offering a number of steps in one product. We also wanted to make sure we cover all skin needs with cleansing, brightening, anti-age & Moisturising.

Can you describe the core philosophy or mission behind Skin Generics and how it reflects in the formulations and ingredients you choose for your skincare line? 
We are a high percentage cosmeceutical brand offering the highest % of ingredients. Our formulations are the foundation of the products which are Korean inspired which in turn leads to offering a very unique texture to all our serums and creams. The texture is created to ensure the ingredient works and delivers the results.

Skincare trends are ever-evolving. How does Skin Generics stay innovative and adapt to meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers? 
We are leading in the category, not following. We work closely with all our Labs to ensure we are at the forefront of what the consumers need. Be it new ingredients or new textures. This can be seen in many of our recent launches such as SPF50 mixing drops and Gel to Ice Snow Mushroom Moisturiser.

Sustainability is a growing concern in the beauty industry. Could you share some of the eco-friendly practices and initiatives that Skin Generics has implemented in its product development and packaging? 
As a brand we are keen to ensure we factor in sustainability. All our packaging must be recyclable through the materials of Glass & Card. As a business we source all our ingredients from within Spain, we are fully made in Spain and only some of our packaging comes from Italy. We keep it all in Barcelona to make sure we reduce the carbon footprint. Our warehouse has also been awarded ISO 14001:2015 which is the highest standard for Environmental Management Systems.

Personalization is becoming increasingly important in skincare. How does Skin Generics offer a personalized approach to skincare, catering to different skin types, ages, and concerns? 
Are ranges are all catered for all skin needs. We categorize them into the 5 categories so consumers can easily pick their products. Such as deep moisturizing, they can choose a moisturizer from the “Moisturising Range”, but can also add ant-age with a serum from the “Anti-aging” range. Cleansing can be used by all skin types. But again we are making sure it is affordable.

Can you provide an overview of the key ingredients and formulations used in your skincare products and explain how they benefit different skin types and concerns? 
All our products are formulated with an Active Complex, which is a carefully studied mix of different active ingredients, in order to satisfy more than one need at a time with a single product. With our products we do not treat different types of skin, we focus on different needs that the skin may have throughout life, and that change due to multiple external factors such as climate, stress, age,… There are hero ingredients that cannot be missing in most of our products, especially those that provide extra hydration to our skin, because we know that the basis of healthy skin is proper hydration, without which we cannot treat all the others. problems with our skin such as wrinkles, spots, blemishes… So low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, which provides hydration by penetrating the deepest layers of our skin and hiding expression lines, Pentavitin, a super moisturizing ingredient, Lipochroman, a very effective antioxidant, are some of our key ingredients. that we use in many of our formulations.

Skincare routines can be overwhelming. Could you share some personalized skin care tips or product recommendations for individuals with specific skin concerns, such as acne-prone, sensitive, or mature skin? 
In every routine there must be some moisturizing product, which as we mentioned is the basis of healthy skin. Then we can go to deal with the specific problem. For oily or acne-prone skin, proper cleansing of the skin is essential, so an oil-based cleanser or a water-based cleanser cannot be missing from your routine. Glycolic acid or salicylic acid are other perfect allies to help combat imperfections and show off skin with a more uniform tone. In an effective anti-aging routine, retinol and peptides cannot be missing, which are invincible to help combat wrinkles, spots and loss of firmness in the skin. Delicate skin needs less aggressive products, but they still don't have to give up the benefits of the ingredients we mentioned above. They can use retinol if it is encapsulated and anti-wrinkle formulations with wakame and aloe vera, which in addition to helping combat wrinkles, calm the skin and hydrate it. Chamomile is another star ingredient for this type of skin.

Can you explain the research and development process behind selecting and formulating the active ingredients in Skin Generics products to ensure they address various skin concerns? 
At SKG we work with different laboratories in Barcelona, ​​specialized in facial care, which allows us to develop very innovative products and stay ahead of market trends. It is a joint process and a team effort, since the development input usually comes from the head office but then the proposal and mix of all the ingredients that make up the active complex usually comes from the R&D technicians. We are constantly looking for innovation in ingredients, textures, formats at fairs, seminars, and other markets and never stop looking at the Korean market, which is a constant source of inspiration for our products. I think that among all professionals we add a sixth sense that allows us to be right with the selection of ingredients to ensure effectiveness and results for different skin problems.

Achieving the right balance of active ingredients in skincare products is crucial. How does Skin Generics ensure that its products are both potent and safe for consumers to use, particularly for those with sensitive skin? 
It's right. Achieving the right balance of active ingredients in skincare products is crucial and it's the goal that every brand has to achieve. In our case, when we start to develop a new product, we always try to find the right balance between natural ingredients and “conventional” ones. Being transparent and clear, if we talk about effectiveness, once you have found the product that meets the needs of your skin, in terms of results there should be no difference between natural and conventional cosmetics. The promise of a product, as expressed on its packaging, must be fulfilled by law. If this does not happen, something is wrong. At SKG we agree that the choice of a cosmetic should be made based on its results and effectiveness, without giving up the enjoyment of the application and the sensory experience. And to achieve this purpose we cannot do without many conventional ingredients tested and created in the laboratories with which we work and that allow us to be certain that our products are effective, in addition to the fact that most of them are respectful of the most sensitive skin.

In the skincare industry, there's a growing demand for clean and transparent labeling. How does Skin Generics communicate the percentage of active ingredients in each product, and how do you ensure accurate and honest labeling for your customers? 
Regulations are very tight in the industry and we maintain the highest of standards making sure we meet all these requirements for all countries across the globe. We are very transparent in how we share details with our consumer by listing our Active Complex breakdown of percentages on the side of every box. We don’t expect our customer to try and read the small print or discover ingredients on a tiny leaflet.