photography by ERIK LUNDBACK

Backstage at Carin Wester AW15

Written by Jade D'econzac Mbay by Michaela Widergren

The show is over and the lights just got turned off. The Swedish designer, who a couple of minutes ago presented to us her AW15 collection on the runway, is named Carin Wester, the name that she also shares with her brand. Her design is suited for dressing the modern woman, who's not shy to play around with colors or abstract prints. The designer is surrounded by people praising the collection and people like myself eager to get some questions out of this popular designer. 

JDM: Hi Carin, How are you? And a classical one how are u feeling? 

CW: It feels amazing right know, I am super happy and I am always excited to see the result afterwards. 

JDM: Have you had time to get any response from the crowd that just saw your show yet?

CW: No not yet, I haven't had time to feel the atmosphere, but I will know how the collection is received sooner than later. 

JMD: How was the feeling when the models headed out for the catwalk? 

CW: I felt a bit sick, it’s like budgie jumping and for every show is the same thing, you love it and you hate it… 

JMD: And for the new year 2015, what is happening for the brand? 

CW: It’s a lot that’s happening and it feels like a positive developing phase, we are currently working with bigger collections. 

JMD: Which is the funniest part to work with? 

CW: I would say to really be a part of the fashion business and creating new and exciting prints. 

JMD: Tell me about the inspiration for the collection? 

CW: A lot of inspiration is taken from the 70s but not so much from the clothes of the 70s, more the interior part. We have been looking around Miami and Los Angeles for inspiration. The biggest source of inspiration was Frank Sinatra's House, the pool floor, the carpets, the furniture and overall the architecture and the house overall it self has an amazing color palette. 

SLIM: Are you redo for next season? 

CAW: Yes! I am so ready, I am starting the first thing tomorrow with the spring collection.