Established in Switzerland for over a decade and also based in Berlin for almost seven years, Arnaud Ele pursued training in directing and auteur cinema at the Geneva Film School. Following a return trip to Cameroon in 2015, his country of origin where he spent the first five years of his life, Arnaud Ele began to question notions of territory, identity, and the associated codes and standards of representation.

Arnaud Ele became known not only for his fashion photography - covering advertising campaigns for major ready-to-wear brands such as Urban Outfitters, VIU Eyewear, The Kooples, as well as his work with Vogue Portugal, Vogue Germany, Chanel, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Diesel, and other international magazines - but also for his collaborations with numerous independent designers between Berlin, Paris, Milan, and New York. Additionally, he gained recognition for his work with various other independent magazines.

Moreover, he earned recognition for his documentary series in Switzerland and Cameroon, along with his numerous video collaborations with artists, singers, and dancers from the Swiss Romande artistic scene. Furthermore, Arnaud Ele has also collaborated extensively on music videos and album covers for artists around the world.

Wherever he goes, he focuses on the notion of intimacy. Questioning the modes of habitation of territories and their uses, as well as the interweaving of nature and human occupation, he has always sought to push the boundaries of documentary. He reveals hidden stories beneath the seemingly ordinary appearance of his scenes. He advocates for the human eye as a recording method, and intimacy as a mode of description. His photographic work is a continuation of his training as a filmmaker: the intuitive scenario of the image, exploring new narrative forms representing the moment with authenticity.