Capitalizing on the 2023 trend of active body skincare. Since 2018, their unisex products, designed for all skin types, have earned over 60 awards for their effectiveness, texture, scent, and design.

Founded by Randi Christiansen and Nick Axelrod, Nécessaire fills the gap for result-driven body skincare. Randi, with 15+ years at Estée Lauder, and Nick, a former senior fashion editor, aimed to prioritize body care and deliver real solutions tailored to diverse skin needs.

Their approach? Creating genuinely effective skincare with top-quality, essential ingredients. They emphasize sustainability and performance in every product they craft.

Nécessaire's core value, 'responsible luxury,' champions minimalism and sustainability. All products are USA-made, clinically tested, vegan, cruelty-free, and cater to diverse skin types. They're a Certified B Corp, Climate Neutral, Plastic Neutral, and contribute 1% of sales to global environmental protection initiatives.