By Susan Stjernberger @styleinscandinavia

To celebrate N° 5 and its one hundred years of iconic existence, CHANEL has developed CHANEL FACTORY 5, a completely new collection with N° 5 as its sole ingredient. The collection includes seventeen limited-edition products inspired by everyday objects. And I tried the Bath Tablets that come in a tea canister with the N° 5 aroma. I love that I can re-use this tin can after I enjoy all the home spa bath tablets!

An interview with Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, CHANEL’s Head of Global Creative Resources Fragrance and Beauty.

What did you want to tell through ‘100 Years of Celebrity’ of N°5?
Every year for a century, N°5 has been the talk of the town and has found its place through its ability to reinvent itself. Through “100 Years of Celebrity”, we want to show that an object is not iconic by birth, but that it becomes so by what it conveys, what it brings to life, what it says about its time. N°5 has managed to transcend time and tell the story of the times.
We hereby celebrate the fact that it has kept its audacious spirit and its freshness after 100 years of passion shared with its fans. We want to offer a festive, new experience around this universally emblematic fragrance of the House of CHANEL, but also of perfume in general.

Why choose everyday objects?
Taking everyday products allows for a less intimidating approach and creates new opportunities for daily exposure to the absolute wonder that is N°5. Whether it’s a tube of paint, a tea tin, or a burette, all are universal timeless objects that we have dressed in N°5’s visual codes to transfigure them. At the same time, this approach shows CHANEL’s sense of distance and humor.

CHANEL N°5 in 5 words?
Free, radical, audacious, modern, french.