photography & makeup Ela Strand
all clothing Patricio Alarcón Molina

//B A C K S L A S H// - An Interview with Patricio Alarcón Molina

Written by Fashion Tales

A quick chat with Stockholm based designer Patricio Alarcón Molina.
He prefers working with couture, and one-off pieces and says he’s got no intention of creating collections “ I couldn’t live with myself mass producing my Designs” he strives to keep his ecological footprint as low as possible.
I might be a complete fool but my philosophy is “Artistic freedom & environmental awareness before profit”

What do you strive for as a designer?
I aim to create extraordinary, timeless pieces of high quality and fit.

How do you apply your environmental goals to your Design?
I source my fabrics out of second hand findings and dead stock, my belief is that we can create anything and everything without the need to source new fibers and fabrics.
“We already got everything we need”

How would you describe your couture?
The feeling of my pieces is dreamy and my aim is to portray the woman as a being, enigmatic, strong, innocent, and treacherous.
For this project I chose to work with voluminous, sheer fabrics and heavier silks. This together with velvet to make a distinct contrast and balance.

How would you describe the creative idea behind the collaboration between you and photographer Ela Strand in your story Backslash?
// backslash // is a flashback of what has been, our fading memories, this story embodies the lost of innocence, the feeling of anxiety, and the melancholy in our present time.

What does the word fashion mean to you?
Fashion is everything fun in life, except mass production, overconsumption, and pollution.

Take your responsibility
//Patricio Alarcón Molina

photography & makeup Ela Strand
modell Tilda Liberg