photography by YANA TOYBER

Double Visions

Written by Yana Toyber by Sandra Myhrberg

Welcome to the surreal world of Eva and Mia Fahler, identical Scandinavian twins that posses a unique and identical beauty all their own.

As an artist, I was in awe of the dynamic duo’s porcelain complexion and slight fairy-like features. As I got to know them better, I became entranced by their complex and exciting lives.

Eva and Mia are international activists, muses and artists. Mia an interior designer and Eva an actress. They travel frequently and allow me to collaborate with them on this project when they are in New York.

While shooting the girls I got to slowly peak into their strange and beautiful world. I photographed them in various locations that they inhabit, documenting their similarities as well as their differences. In these photos you will see the fragility and the strength that the ladies posses and how they live in a world as outsiders. You will see the beauty of duality and a parallel universe that is their own.