Combining retro aesthetics with modern EV technology, Microlino offers a climate-smart and stylish transportation alternative for those living in the city. To meet future demands, cities require environmentally friendly, energy-efficient transportation options, improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and more space for green areas and sidewalks. Microlino aims to address these challenges, enhancing life in our urban centres.

Microlino is part of the L7e vehicle category (four-wheeled motorcycles, drivable with a B license) and marks a significant addition to Sweden's automotive landscape. Handcrafted in Turin,  the heart of the Italian automotive industry, Microlino weighs around 600 kg, has a top speed of 90 km/h, and offers a range of up to 228 km on a single charge. Despite its compact size,  a width of just under 1.5 meters and a length of approximately 2.5 meters,  its interior is open and inviting, comfortably accommodating two people and a couple of weekend bags. Its small size also makes it exceptionally easy to park in tight urban spaces.

Behind the Microlino concept stands Swiss family-owned company Micro Mobility Systems AG, led by brothers and entrepreneurs Merlin and Oliver Ouboter, pioneers in electric vehicles for micro-mobility. The Swiss company has paired with Louwman Sverige to bring Microlino to the Swedish market.

With its distinctive shape, front-hinged door, double seat, and sunroof, the Microlino pays homage to post-war bubble cars like the BMW Isetta. This blend of nostalgic design and modern technology makes it a unique and appealing option for those seeking efficient and stylish urban transportation.