The new crew of the titan minimal art inspires visionaries-on earth and even in space.

While most people look at the stars,visionaries reach out to them. In1999, the Titan Minimal Art became an overnight sensation that revolutionized the eyewear market. The lightest, most perfect fit was born from Austrian innovation. To commemorate 25 years of this icon, the next generation of the Titan Minimal Art is back with a dynamic, rimless look for visionaries who demand the best in precision-premium eyewear.Announcing the evolutionary Highlight Collection, taking the universe by the speed of light—once again, with no screws or hingesand just 0.07ounces of Austrian genius. Crowned for the first time with an innovative lens finishing technique, a more delicate nose bridge, even more easily adjustable titanium temples and other galactically exciting details. These Innovations create a fresh, exciting look, which can be designed to appear even younger and trendier with very modern highlight shapes.

The four cool shapes can be given a particularly unique style with tints and the innovative Partial Color Groove. Each shape is named after a constellation. Rose Andromeda is a futuristic butterfly, exuding feminine grace and confidence. Mint Phoenix Is a feminine shape inspired by the oversized glamor of the 70s with low lens glazing, a true technical masterpiece. Blue Pegasus is the classic shape in the collection offering rectangular masculine geometry. Both genders shine in Grey Taurus, whose double bar glazing adds an extra boost of coolness to the new aviator.

The highlight shapes represent the bright future of titanium lightness.These are the first-ever lenses to get Partial Color Groove combined with tint. Glazing is done in-house through the 100% Silhouette service.Customers can choose personalized color combinations.