Harry draws its aesthetics from traditional Japanese woodworking techniques and characteristic Torii gates. The stool, made of laminated oak, consists of two parts held together with solid oak wedges.

“There are few iconic structures like the red Torii gates in Kyoto. When we followed Chris' thought process with his design, it was easy to imagine red as the new finish on Harry,” explains Magnus Elebäck, CEO and Creative Director at Massproductions.

“I wanted to create a product in laminated wood with simple shapes. During the process, I struggled to solve the joining of the seat with the base. Since the laminated oak is quite thin, it was difficult to use glue or screws. Eventually, I came up with the idea of wooden wedges, which gave the stool a nice tactile feel,” says Chris Martin, Design Director at Massproductions.

With its stripped-down and functional design, Harry fits as both a stool, footrest, or side table.

Product Information: Harry
Designed by Chris Martin
Finish: Red Lacquered Oak
Dimensions: 630 x 320 x 475 mm
Price: 5980 SEK

image courtesy of Massproductions