The Swedish shirt manufacturer Eton and the world-famous Michelin chef Björn Frantzén are united in their passion for taste and craftsmanship. In a new collaboration, they together celebrate individuality and personal expression through the custom made shirt. The campaign showcases Björn's interpretation of the perfect white shirt and the vision behind it.

With a total of six Michelin stars, Björn Frantzén is living proof of what it means to perfect his craft. Similarly, Eton has created its niche as a global leading manufacturer of premium shirts. Now the two worlds meet to interpret the perfect shirt together – a campaign that shows the power of individual taste and style.

“In every dish I create, I infuse a piece of my own person - a story that unfolds on the plate. In the same way, Eton gives life to textiles and creates custom made shirts that tell a unique story with every stitch,” says Björn Frantzén in a press release.

Eton's custom made shirt service offers many options in both measurements and design, such as personalized fit on the body and sleeves, but also custom collars, cuffs and even with own monogram. The service provides a unique tailoring experience, and makes it possible to create shirts that match both style and personal preferences.