Mojave Ghost emerged from a flower, a place, and a narrative — an exploration of emotion rather than fixed raw materials,” said Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director of Byredo. Inspired by the raw beauty of the Mojave Desert, Gorham was particularly struck by the ghost flower, a symbol of resilience thriving in the hard earth.

This year, the iconic fragrance is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Byredo has partnered with model Amelia Gray for a campaign featuring five chapters. Unfolding throughout 2024, it will explore the fragrance from various angles and sustaining a dialogue between Amelia Gray and acclaimed photographer Harley Weir.

The first chapter, a character study of Amelia Gray, revisits the origin story of Mojave Ghost, embodying the innate strength of the ghost flower, Mohavea confertiflora. The fragrance interprets this resilience into a scent that finds beauty even in the most vast and desolate landscapes. It opens with the sweetness of fresh Jamaican Nesberry, unfolds to reveal sensual Sandalwood at the heart, and rounds out with warming Musk, crisp Amber, and Cedarwood at the base, leaving the raw spirit of the desert to linger on the skin.

The campaign images, featuring Gray’s daring and idiosyncratic approach towards self-expression, evoke the powerful roots of the scent. Embracing the landscape, Gray personifies the resilience of desert flowers, bringing nature's strength into the human realm.