Launching in February 2024, the Balenciaga Rodeo Bag draws inspiration from Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive, synonymous with luxury and fashion.
Crafted from exquisite calfskin, the Rodeo Bag features a unique tilted shape for easy carrying and an intentionally open front compartment for a laid-back aesthetic. Reinforced side snaps allow for both a slimmer profile and expandability.
With its smooth transparent finish, the leather showcases natural flawlessness, developing a soft patina over time. Pre-worn pleats and raw edges evoke a well-loved item with subtle markings hinting at the passage of time.
Available in small, medium, and large sizes, in black, grey, or white leather, the Rodeo Bag offers options for gold or silver hardware. Collector versions include various charms for added flair.

Image courtesy of Balenciaga