During Stockholm Design Week, Cappelen Dimyr opens the doors to a product exposition at Grand Relations Atelier, presenting recent launches, iconic pieces, and glimpses of new developments.

Established in 2019, Cappelen Dimyr made the first introduction with a quiet but luxurious line of handmade rugs in natural material and colors. Since then, the brand has evolved its product range, introducing artisanal colonnades, wall tapestries, and, in late autumn 2023, unveiled the first two products within the Covers category. The new launch marked the first transaction towards becoming a soft interior atelier.

The first launch of covers includes two different coverlets that can be used as a decorative element at the foot of your bed or cover any furniture in the home. These exquisite coverlets combine the best of bohemian luxury and Scandinavian elegance to create a truly unique and luxurious bedding experience for your bedroom.

Rooted in its foundation of crafting exceptional rugs, Cappelen Dimyr expanded the offer of bold signature pieces for
floors, introducing the floral chapter in late 2023. Each rug within this chapter is crafted to be an embodiment of timeless
beauty and craftsmanship, all decorated with floral motifs.

In a strategic collaboration, Cappelen Dimyr joined forces with Australian partner Tigmi Trading to create a captivating spring editorial. This editorial not only showcases the newly launched products but also highlights iconic pieces from the collection, illustrating the brand's commitment to artistic expression and sophisticated design.