Moomin Arabia kicks off 2024 with new bed linen, towels, napkins, a tote bag and a
0.4 liter mug decorated with the popular “Love” illustration depicting scenes from
The Snoring Lady and Moomintroll's loving relationship. The collection, which is available from
on January 15th, arrives just in time for Valentine's Day, but remains throughout the year
to celebrate love and friendship on all occasions.

The motifs are based on three scenes from Tove and Lars Jansson's Moomin series. The warm hug
with the sun in the background is taken from Moomin and the Martians (1957) and Moomin Valley becomes
a jungle (1956), while their meeting on a path comes from Snorkfröken i Rococo (1958) and
painting scene from Moomin Builds a House (1956).

All Love products will be available starting January 15, 2024 in Moomin
Arabia's webshop, and in Moomin stores, in Iittala Stores and in
the web shop, as well as at various retailers.