The Chanel Cruise 2023/24 collection or maybe most known as the “Barbie collection” outside the fashion industrie, is still in my dreams and I can’t deny crushing over the pink colorful sequin bags from the collection.
For me sequins is for everyday, it uplifts the everyday with that little extra sparkle. 
The pattern of the sequins on this bag reminds me of the sunny days strolling on Copacabana drinking fresh coconut water straight from the coconut and a cup with freshly cut juicy mango.

I love the contrast that reminds you of the vibrant energy of a tropical paradise. It's as if the bag captures the essence of those carefree, sun-drenched moments—where the glimmer of sequins mirrors the shimmering ocean, and the playful patterns evoke the vivacious spirit of the Copacabana. It's a delightful contrast, blending the glamour of sequins with the laid-back allure of a sunny beach day, encapsulating a sense of both elegance and leisure. This bag, with its vibrant colors and playful design, feels like a wearable memory of joyous, sunny summer-filled adventures. 

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Love, Jahwanna