Martin Bergström X Skultuna: Where History Meets Innovation - Opaque Objects

The acclaimed Opaque Objects, designed by artist Martin Bergström, draws inspiration from space and the mystical henbane plant. This collection now includes two vase sizes, expanding the Opaque Objects series that also features candleholders, trays, and jewelry, already in the National Museum.

With Opaque Objects continually evolving, Martin Bergström finds inspiration in space and the enigmatic henbane plant. The result is cosmic and naturally beautiful vases. This collaboration extends the successful partnership between Martin Bergström and Skultuna, known for their modern brass creations called Opaque Objects. This collection reflects Bergström's poetry and the fusion of nature and metal, reinterpreting Skultuna's rich craftsmanship history.

“Space and henbane are constants in my art, symbolizing mystery and beauty. The vase's pattern is inspired by space craters and henbane seeds, creating our timeless planet,” says artist Martin Bergström.

For Opaque Objects, Martin Bergström delved into Skultuna's archives, uncovering the rich history of the locale. The enigma of Iron Age burial sites, the Svartån river's majesty, and the lush forests all inspired his designs. This collection merges 400 years of tradition with modern design, bridging the past and present in each vase, telling Skultuna's heritage.

“Opaque Objects represents both innovation and tradition, a historical return to opulent, larger objects reminiscent of our 20th-century creations,” says Viktor Blomqvist, CEO of Skultuna.