Maria Nilsdotter unveils a collection that imagines the enigmatic Siren into exquisite pieces of jewellery. Inspired by her elusive yet irresistible allure, each piece captures her secrets, revealing her hidden beauty and danger, woven together in perfect harmony.

“Sirens appear in tales from around the world as creatures with enchanting voices that lured sailors into dangerous waters”, says Maria Nilsdotter. “I wanted to make a collection that explored the essence of the Siren, her charm and darkness, as well as her hunger for intimacy”, she continues. “She must be a lonely being, always longing for company”, Maria Nilsdotter reflects on the creature that stirred her inspiration.

The Siren features an odyssey of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets in sterling silver and gold-plated silver, adorned with freshwater pearls, diamonds and moonstones. An intricate Octopus Neck.lace and Ring in sterling silver, showcase the allure and mystery of the deep sea. A delicate multi-drop necklace is attached to a delicate shell, a symbol of the lonesomeness of the Siren. The collection also features a shell-shaped locket with hidden secrets to be kept close to the heart. A ring in the shape of a chunky jaw with sharp teeth represents the Siren's vicious side.