Sisley Ecological Compound

The Sisley Ecological Compound is an iconic beauty product that has been a staple in the beauty industry for decades. This crème-de-la-crème formula has been widely praised for its ability to help and improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.

Since launching Ecological Compound in 1980, Sisley has worked to
understand the living ecology of the skin. Today this is called “microbiome
The living barrier located on the skin’s surface - or “microbiome” - is
made up of this individual microbial flora. Everyone’s balance of good
and bad bacteria is different and this can be destabilized by both internal and external factors (pollution, smoke, free radicals…).

Now, after ten years of working on the new formula, Sisley has taken the Ecological Compound to the next level with two new ingredients:

BURDOCK EXTRACT - works on the microbiome and promotes balance in the microbial flora. It’s rich in inulin - a prebiotic sugar that only can be used by the “good bacteria” on the skin’s surface. It promotes the spread of this type of bacteria, helping to balance the skin.

MEADOWSWEET EXTRACT - works on skin natural defense mechanisms and it helps the skin to defend itself against external aggressions. Sisley has selected this extract to support the synthesis of natural antimicrobial peptides, limiting the spread of “bad bacteria”. They support the skin’s ability to reinforce its natural response.

To boost the skin’s natural functions, Sisley has kept the original five plant extracts at the core of the formula, including re-mineralizing horsetail, toning ginger and stimulating rosemary. They also have enhanced the efficacy of two major key ingredients in the compound:

CENTELLA ASIATICA: enhanced protection Centella Asiatica now benefits from a cutting-edge extraction process for an ultra-pure extract. This extract is 3,500 times more concentrated, which drastically increases efficacy and contributes to optimizing the support of the skin’s barrier function.

HOPS EXTRACT: which is rich in mineral and amino-acid content. Hops are well-known for their toning and revitalizing properties.

These key ingredients work together to create a powerful formulation that helps to protect the skin from environmental aggressors, help to nourish the skin and provide it with essential nutrients.