A celebration of LA's magical lure, from dusk to dawn. Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud offers a festive ode to Los Angeles by night, its excitement and extravagance, from star-studded boulevards to the constellations shimmering above the skyline. As darkness falls, the city's lights surge in a sensual olfactory tableau. A citrus quintet dazzles like a thousand flashbulbs: lemon, blood orange, red mandarin, bergamot and lime swirl and dance, gradually succumbing to the Tiaré flower's voluptuous embrace. Warmed by noble sandalwood, a dry down of powdery musk alludes to a passion that disperses only with the morning's first rays. This is a painterly interpretation of a night in the City of Stars.

To be honest, the first thing I thought about was the classic song City of Stars, performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the film La La Land from 2016, enjoy the song below. Not to mention, feel the breeze of summer and the colorful sky of hope and joy coming our way.

Written by YM