How do we take care of our skin during the winter? Every year, the same question appears - on how to rightly update our skincare routine to work for the cold and dry air. The short and simple answer - to be more focused on hydration and moisturizing.

Water is one of the main components of the skin. But the amount of water differs from each layer. In the top layer, hydration levels in the skin are altered by factors such as age, stress, hormonal changes, environmental factors to mention a few. One of those elements in the skin that binds water and hydration is Hyaluronic acid. Which can make the skin sensitive, dry and also create dry lines.


The most intense hyaluronic acid concentrate to date.

On the hunt for the great HA serum, this concentrate is a savior. A high complex and luxurious product, and a true Opiate. The texture is a light gel formula, that is much easier to apply on to your skin, then the usual HA serums which are mainly a water texture – where you need to add much more product. 

Mesoestetic is a new brand for me, I started using their skincare line, earlier this fall when I read an article in Vogue where Swedish actor Noomi Rapace praised their Anti-Stress mask. I needed to know what this brand was, and I was happily suprised by the products, mainly the cleanser and the HA. The brand is a global leader in the medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector. But not as well-known in skincare (unfortunaly) yet. They manufacture all of their products, which allows them to guarantee their efficacy, quality and safety for their products. Their skincare lines are scientific to provide the best solutions for your skin, if you all from oily skin, redness to dry skin.

Furthemore, while many HA products contain either high or low acid molecules. The HA Densimatrix contains a combination of HA (cross-linked, high, middle, and low) for a long-lasting deep moisturizing and work with the skin's natural production. Using the product you feel the immediate action of the anti-hyaluronidase complex that protects the skin for external aggressions with plant extract. Not to mention, it’s a great first step for creating firmness and plump of the skin. Which as the skin get’s hydrated to feel and see the transformation of your skin becoming more plump, and smooth. Apply three to four dops after toner and end with a good moisturizer to make sure you mositerise after using a high conectrate serum such as this. Ending with a sunscreen.

Mesoestetic's HA Densimatrix is availble at limited retailers, read more at

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