Struggling to find a monochrome silk scarf of highest quality, yet in an affordable price range, became a never ending story for Lagercrantz of Sweden’s founder, Lovisa. ”It came to the point were I would borrow my boyfriend’s pocket squares because I could not find any high quality monochrome scarves. That’s when I decided to design my own scarf with a flowing structure, a versatile size that can easily be worn and in colors that complements any outfit”, says Lovisa.

Lagercrantz is a Swedish brand based in London. ”We have a close bond to our home town Stockholm and our roots are reflected in our clean and minimalistic design, which is something we are proud of”, says Lovisa. The scarf combines a luxurious mulberry silk fabric with a sleek yet timeless design. ”Our intention has always been to create a scarf which can be worn on all occasions, without overshadowing or drawing too much attention to
the scarf itself.”

The Lagercrantz scarf comes in five different colors and two different sizes. The two styles can be worn by both men and women and has been seen worn like a hair accessory, tied around a bag handle, as a bracelet and anklet.

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