• Filippa K Embarks on a Remarkable 30-Year Fashion Odyssey

    Written by Astrid Birnbaum by Astrid Birnbaum

    In a resplendent celebration, Filippa K commemorated a magnificent 30-year journey through the realms of fashion. This significant milestone heralds the brand's visionary trajectory under the guidance of Creative Director Liisa Kessler, as they rejuvenate their brand identity. The grand reveal of the 93 Monogram, a tribute to the brand's inception in 1993, epitomizes their dedication to their fashion legacy. The heart of Stockholm served as the canvas for an immersive experience during a late-night soirée that united devoted friends, fashion connoisseurs, and celebrities. The event reached its crescendo with an enthralling live performance by the musical sensation, Waterbaby. This mesmerizing blend of past glories and future ambitions encapsulated Filippa K's unwavering commitment to the world of fashion, design, and their cherished hometown of Stockholm, Sweden.

  • photography Mikael Jansson 

    fashion Anna Sundelin

    hair & makeup Sandra Wannerstedt


    Written by Alicia

    Lowheart is an emerging indie pop artist whose music delves deep into the complexities of human emotion and relationships. With influences ranging from Beach House and Robyn to The Strokes and Alice Boman, Lowheart crafts a unique sound that combines glittering synths with heartfelt, honest lyrics. Their debut album, “Honeymoon Is Over,” is a journey through the highs and lows of life, offering listeners a blend of introspection and uplifting energy. Through their music, Lowheart aims to provide a comforting and relatable experience for those navigating the twists and turns of their own emotional mazes. Join us as we dive into the creative world of Lowheart and explore the inspiration behind their latest musical endeavors.

    Can you tell us about your journey from debuting with & “Lovely Weather” in 2022 to now releasing a new album? What inspired this new album?
    It’s been a very fun and challenging journey and I’ve learned so much since my first release. Creating my EP took quite a long time, I worked on it for over three years and by the time it was released I felt a strong desire to move on with something new. I had already started writing new songs by that time and wanted to push myself creatively, and the album was a perfect way to do that. Early in the process I came up with the title “Honeymoon Is Over” which kind of set the mood for the whole album. The exhaustion I felt after completing my EP was a catalyst for change, and “Honeymoon Is Over” became a symbolic representation of this transition.

    Growing up in a musical family, how did your upbringing with classical music and artists like David Bowie and Radiohead influence your music style as Lowheart?
    My dad is a classical pianist, and I grew up listening to him practice all day long in our living room. It was never quiet; if he wasn’t playing the piano, he was always listening to different kinds of music. At a very young age he introduced me to artists like David Bowie, Kate Bush and Blondie, who quickly became my musical heroes and my greatest source of inspiration at that time. When I was around 9 years old, he showed me Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”, which remains one of my favorite albums to this day. Growing up in this musical family, attending numerous concerts from a very young age and just spending time with musicians and other creative persons all nurtured my belief that I could one day follow a similar path. For me, music has always been the one thing I excel at and deeply connect with. There’s no better way for me to express myself.

    Could you share some insights into the themes explored in your first full-length album, “Honeymoon Is Over” ?
    “Honeymoon Is Over” is about facing life’s tough challenges when the fun and carefree times start to fade away, and reality hits hard. These songs reflect a time when I was questioning everything- myself and the world around me. I felt I had to deal with a lot of things that I had pushed aside for a while, and they suddenly demanded my attention. Each song in the album shows a bit of the emotions and thoughts I had during that time.

    What motivated you to delve into the indie pop world, and how did you find your place within it?
    I guess listening to Blondie and Radiohead as a young kid always fueled my dreams of being in a band and becoming the lead singer. When I was around 10 years old, I watched Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” and fell in love with the soundtrack, featuring artists like The Cure, The Radio Dept. , New Order and The Strokes. It introduced me to a new world of indie punk music which led me into discovering other bands. Writing has always been a passion of mine, whether it’s in the form of diaries, short poems or lyrics. During my high school years, I formed a band with my closest friends, and this marked an important turning point. It was the first time I sang my own lyrics in front of others. I remember singing directly from my notebook during our rehearsals. It was a valuable experience where I learned a lot and it also created a safe space to try out different things. After high school I continued to make music independently and collaborated with different producers. However, it took quite some time before I eventually started to make music under the name Lowheart.

    Honeymoon Is Over” seems to touch on themes of self-doubt and the challenges of maintaining relationships. Can you share some personal experiences that inspired the album content?
    When I started writing this album, I found myself in a place where everything that used to be so easy and fun suddenly felt tough and harsh. It was like a reality check, which is why I titled it Honeymoon is Over. Releasing music, especially as a debut artist, made me question who I wanted to be. I felt that everything was more challenging than I expected, from releasing music to being in a relationship after 1,5 years, staying connected with friends… These songs reflect a period in my life when I had doubts about myself and the world around me. But there’s also a touch of humor in the album. I believe the title or the expression “Honeymoon is over” is quite fun but also a bit sad. To me, it evokes memories of David Lynch’s movie “Wild at heart”, which I adore. I find it enjoyable to challenge listeners and perhaps even leave them a bit confused, haha… I suppose one of the toughest aspects of being in a relationship is navigating through the difficult and dull times without losing hope. In a way, that’s a central theme of the album as well. I explore and twist the concept of “Honeymoon is Over”.

    Can you discuss the artists who have influenced your unique sound, such as Beach House, Alice Boman, Robyn, and The Strokes? How have they impacted your music?
    These artists like Beach House, Alice Boman, Robyn and The Strokes have all inspired me in different ways. They’ve influenced me not just through their songs but also their overall approach and attitude in interviews and such. In my music, I aim to mix a feeling of both sadness and sweetness. Alice Boman has really inspired me in terms of her lyrics, making me want to write more emotional and honest songs.Beach House’s use of synthesizers, which can be both dreamy and dark, has influenced the sound I aim for in my music. I really like the contrast they create. Robyn’s way of blending electronic elements in pop music has inspired me and to me, she’s just one of the coolest and smartest artists in Sweden. The Strokes have inspired me with their punk attitude and simple melodies that can be both catchy but also very unpredictable and surprising.

    What can listeners expect from your new album in terms of its musical style and the emotions it conveys?
    They can expect some glittering synths and heartbreaking lyrics… the album may take them through a range of emotions, from introspective moments to more uplifting and energetic ones.

    Could you tell us about the creative process behind your music? How do you typically go about writing and producing your songs?
    Sometimes a single synth sound can spark the idea for a whole song. I’m also very fond of creating a basic drum loop and adding synths to it. Then I start singing, sometimes using a “lyrics bank” of ideas I’ve written. Other times, I improvise with made up words. While doing so, anything can appear, which is the fun part of working this way. The subconscious gets to lead the way. When it comes to writing lyrics, one of the best places for me to write is on the subway or bus. I don’t know why really but it’s something I’ve been doing for years. I write all my songs on my own and produce them. For this album I’ve also worked with a producer named Kevin Hamring, who both produced the album with me and mixed it. He helped bring my ideas to life and was a guiding light throughout the entire process.

    As an artist, what message or feelings do you hope your music conveys to your audience, particularly in your latest album?
    I hope to convey a sense of comfort and recognition within the maze of emotions you sometimes can feel stuck in, but also offering some kind of escape from the mundane everyday life.

  • photography Hedda Axelsson

    fashion Christian Scaglione


    dress Aili Studios

    earrings Clara Fina

    August Blues

    photography by Hedda Axelsson by Filippa Finn

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    earrings Sägen

    dress By Timo

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    shirt SVC
    corset Rodebjer

    earrings Sägen
    necklace Sandra Teresa
    rings LWL Jewellery

    total look Chanel
    dress French Connection
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    dress Viktorya Abraham
    shirt Brixtol Textile
    bracelets Les Georgettes
    jacket PG Couture
    skirt COS
    boots Tiamo/Scorett
    earrings LWL Jewellry
    coat PelloBello
    tights Calzedonia
    shoes Tamaris

    top 1People / Green Little Heart
    skirt Aili Studios

    bracelets Saga Melina

    photography Hedda Axelsson

    fashion Christian Scaglione

    hair & make-up Adam Nilsson

    model Askt / Mikas

    photography assistant Sandra Humer

  • Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2024 Fashion Show

    Written by Astrid Birnbaum by Astrid Birnbaum

    On October 2nd, Nicolas Ghesquière unveiled the highly anticipated Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2024 collection at the prestigious 103 avenue des Champs Elysées in the heart of Paris.This historic architectural gem, known for its enduring representation of the elegant Art Nouveau movement from the 19th century, is
    poised to transform into a new and exciting project for the iconic Louis Vuitton brand, marking a significant chapter in its illustrious history. As fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders eagerly gathered, the event drew an illustrious crowd of familiar faces, lending an aura of glamor. The guest list featured luminaries such as Zendaya, Cate Blanchett, Ana de Armas, Alicia Vikander and Robyn. Amidst the opulence of this historic venue, the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2024 collection came to life, offering a glimpse into Ghesquière's visionary designs and the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion.

  • Emma Lewisham Partners With Molly Goddard For London Fashion Week

    Written by Benedict Brink by Vanessa

    During London Fashion Week, Emma Lewisham, a carbon-positive luxury skincare brand, partnered with Molly Goddard's SS24 show on September 16th. Emma Lewisham's natural skincare products created a skin-focused, eco-conscious beauty look.

    They prioritize healthy skin through green science-backed natural skincare, setting a new beauty standard while being environmentally conscious. This New Zealand-based brand's London Fashion Week debut perfectly complemented Molly Goddard's vibrant designs. Emma Lewisham's skincare routine enhanced blood flow, leaving models feeling fresh and confident.

    Key products included the Illuminating Oil Cleanser, Skin Reset Serum, Skin Reset Eye Crème, Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème, and Supernatural Riche Crème.

    Emma Lewisham's CEO emphasized their skin-first, natural beauty approach and evidence-based formulations. Molly Goddard, the fashion designer, expressed delight in their partnership for the Spring Summer 2024 show, highlighting the skin-first focus.