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On my blog I will share my inspirations for my work, as a make- up artist, through photography, art, words and fashion. What inspires me, the creative process, and to inspire you through the world of beauty.

  • Lately I've seen this trend in the world of hair care, scrubs for your scalp! I really like these two from Swedish Vegan brand Budgie and one from Sephora! Both lather up really nicely. Budgie's has smaller grains and the Sephora one has got mint in it, with bigger grains,  so it cools down your scalp, very sooting if you have an itchy scalp. I use these once a week/every other week instead of schampoo to scrub away scalp dirt, so nice! Just don't google hair debris like I did.

    Love, Pari Damani
  • I seriously can not wait for autumn/winter to try these two products, all those dry lips that I will have to moisturize and save from complete distruction! They have a good reputation, MWAH

    Love, Pari Damani
  • Been using Aesop handwash for years and just recently discovered their skincare when I ws invited to a private guide to go through the range. My hands we're massaged for almost an hour testing out the wonderful products! The new to the cleansing family is the Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk. It's a mix between a cream and an oil, so if you're one of the people who are still unsure about oil cleansers this product is a good start. I have used an oil cleanser for years and I will never channge to anything else cause I feel it's the best way to really get down and clean my pores! Super mild and very fresh is the feeling! 

    Love, Pari Damani


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