• Since we're all true photography nerds at Odalisque we were quite interested when we heard Hans Gedda and the brand Dedicated would do a collaboration. Dedicated is one of the leading brands in Sweden that makes t-shirts using only organic and fair trade cotton. This winter they will work with a number of talented photographers and first out is Gedda with his iconic images of Andy Warhol, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Olof Palme and Nelson Mandela. The t-shirts can be found at our favorite Stockholm street wear stores Sneakersnstuff, Caliroots and online at the TSHIRT STORE.

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  • We all know how important internet is. Not just for keeping in touch with friend through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter but for learning; reading the newspaper, alternative blogs and independent magazines. Falling Whistles is an organization for peace in Congo an their current project is focused on getting internet to the people. Falling Whistles already helped build one internet cafe in eastern Congo and number two is now on it's way. The goal is to help entrepreneurs and young creatives become economically stable while keeping their independence in a long term perspective. To help support the project you can buy a whistle here, it's a necklace and a symbol for those who’ve raised their voice and maybe especially for the children who had to take part in the war. Read more about Falling Whistles here and go do some good now!

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  • Terry O’Neill is one of the major photographers that has shot the most iconic and loved celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, Mick Jagger and Audrey Hepburn, the list is long and very impressive. This October, Terry came to Stockholm and worked with KappAhl and on their new campaign featuring Izabella Scorupco.

    OD:What was your first thoughts when KappAhl approached you about the collaboration?

    TO:I was really pleased to meet everyone, and they charmed me into doing this job. I normally don’t do this type of jobs. They came to London and to my office. We had a lovely chat, they are all really nice people. They presented an idea that I thought sounded excellent. Once it was decided it all happened quick. They came over for four days in London, and then the job was done.
    It was a high adrenaline push.

    OD:What has the collaboration meant to you?

    TO:It has been really satisfying. I love working with Izabella, she is a great girl. I enjoyed it!

    OD:Fashion or portrait, if you have to choose?

    TO:Portrait; every time. Because you tell a better story. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a close up. Portrait; you photograph people while in fashion you photograph clothes. Fashion is a thing of the time. It comes around every 10 year.

    OD:What’s the biggest difference in working today and when you started your career as a photographer?

    TO:Digital. It’s not a thing that I love but it does have it usage. But Im not a favour of it, cause it does make things a bit un-personal. However I do love ”selfies” and digital cameras.
    With today’s equipment and social media, people are getting better of taking pictures.

    OD:How do you keep your calm while working with the biggest stars and celebrities in the world?

    TO:I was born that way. Nobody faces me….My first ever job was with the Beatles, so after that I never looked back.

    OD:Anyone in particular that you enjoyed shooting more than others?

    TO:I loved working with Frank Sinatra. He was a king of ordinary men. He had everything a superstar should have, including a great voice.

    OD:How do you like Stockholm, you’ve been here several times, right?

    TO:I love Stockholm, and have been here many many times before. I love Swedish
    people and the fact that they open their hearts to jazz. In fact I wouldn’t mind living here!

    OD: Is there anyone you would love to photograph that you haven’t photographed yet?

    TO:Yes, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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