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Nadja Evelinas Journey as an Artist

Written by Emelie Bodén

Nadja Evelina is a Swedish musician and songwriter born in Bollnäs, where her interest for music started. Her first song dropped in 2016 and was a single called “Finast utan filter”. She later released her first album in 2019 “Vi”. Since then she has dropped two more singles this year and will soon be releasing a new song on May 17th. Her plans for the summer is to do gigs and this fall her third album will come out.

How did your musical journey begin? What sparked your interest in music, and how did you start pursuing it as a career?
Basically my musical journey began with the piano in the living room of the house where I grew up. My dad has always played a lot, which made me interested as well. I have always dreamt of writing, and my dream for a long time was to be an author. But when I was seventeen a friend of mine forced me to try and write a song, which I am eternally grateful for. Writing songs is still my very favorite thing to do.

An important starting point of my career was when I met Anton Engdahl. We recorded my first EP in his student apartment of 17 square meters. I slept on an air mattress on the floor and we ate a lot of cheap ramen noodles with chickpeas. I remember it as some kind of euphoria, the whole process felt really easy. We didn’t expect much, but then I released my debut single ”Finast utan filter” which kind of took off. From there it kind of went naturally, I played shows and we kept writing and recording while working different shitty jobs.

Can you describe your sound, and what influences have shaped it over the years?
I listen to a lot of different genres, but my heart lies in Swedish indie pop and I think that is something that my sound reflects. I tell myself every year that this is the year that I have to learn to play the guitar myself, but we’ll see. At this pace I’ll be able to do really sick guitar solos when I’m like 70 years old.

For my upcoming third album I’ve searched for a sound that feels more messy and raw. I want the sound to reflect the themes in the lyrics, which are basically excerpts from my diary and different moments and feelings in life where you feel a lot, both highs and lows. I want the songs to sound like that as well, like, to put my heart on the line both in the lyrics and in the sound.

What's your opinion on the current state of the music industry, and how do you see it evolving in the future?
I think the music industry right now is both trickier and more free than ever. Basically anybody can record and release music, which reflects in a very diverse presence of different voices and genres.

Right now you have to be on the internet a lot as an artist, which is both a blessing and a curse I think. The best thing is that you get a very direct communication with your listeners, I feel like that’s an extension of the music in some way. I think that’s the whole point of art, that we’re all just wanting to feel connected to each other.*On the other hand, live music is bigger than ever, and I think that there is a longing for things that are happening in real life. Things that you can’t or don’t want to share online, that you have to be there to experience in the moment.

If you could play any venue in the world, where would it be and why?
A big dream of mine is being able to play arena shows. I really can’t think of anything cooler, just like a huge party with a huge crowd. If it comes to that, I’m really not that picky in choosing the specific venue haha.

Finally, what advice would you offer to aspiring musicians who are looking to pursue a career in music?
Trust your gut in art and life. Surround yourself with people that get you and get what you do, it’s important to not be an island. Also prepare for a life of ups and downs, this is a cliché, it really is an emotional roller coaster. Remember to enjoy the process as you go, and also just do it! There’s no point in hoarding great songs and not giving people a chance to hear them.

You can find her spotify here!

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photography Sandra Myhrberg

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