Leoni introduces new womenswear brand

Written by Fashion Tales

Introducing Leoní, a new womenswear brand set to debut in the spring of 2024 that emerges  under the auspices of the esteemed Swedish fashion entrepreneur Nathalie Schuterman with  the Swedish fashion designer Filippa Fuxe as Creative Director.

Having recently concluded her studies at Beckmans College of Design and Central Saint  Martins, Filippa is recognized for having won several design awards [Danish Selfmade®] and  creating custom looks for stars like Ice Spice and American supermodel Erin Wasson. 

Leoní is designed to balance elegance with leisure wear. The garments are designed to be  easily combined with matching co-ords, allowing the wearer to create various sets. Drapings,  lounge-knitwear, and tailored wool in sculptural figures meet in a collection much inspired by  the artistic methodologies of modern sculptors such as Richard Serra and Isamu Noguchi. 

The first collection explores garment closures and openings through locks, bands, hooks, and  eyes. Many of the closures on the garments are not merely functional; they are essential  pieces of creating a coherent visual puzzle. 

As a nod to Isamu Noguchi's work, such as “Noodle,” where abstract fingers are intertwined  to symbolize connection, the closures on the garments emphasize the intimate ritual of getting  dressed. In some styles, the wearer has different options in closing their garment, such as  several button stands, opening up for a deeper connection to what you wear. 

Drawing from the harmonic colors of California nature, where Filippa partly grew up, the  collection presents itself in a palette that echoes the landscape and vibrant hue of the coastal  state. 

Leoní will be available exclusively online and in-store at Nathalie Schuterman in Stockholm.