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Tiger of Sweden – Autumn Winter 2024

Written by Astrid Birnbaum by Astrid Birnbaum

Tiger of Sweden debuts its Autumn Winter 2024 collection, “To Feel,” at Paris Fashion Week, inspired by the influential life and art of Siri Derkert, a renowned peace activist and artist. Siri's sculptural legacy, particularly her textured and impactful works, serves as the driving force behind this collection. Nostalgia meets innovation as classic fabrics like houndstooths, herringbones, and various patterns are harmoniously clashed together.

The Swedish wool from Gotland takes center stage, intricately woven into a Prince of Wales check for men's tailoring and an exploded houndstooth for structured women's coats. The tactile experience of Siri's sculptures initiates the creative process, resulting in a collection where the feel of fabric is paramount.

Comfort and functionality merge seamlessly in splittable garments, ranging from full-length coats to Harrington jackets and cargo trousers. Leather, chosen for its contrasting qualities, embodies the functional hardness needed by an artist at work. The juxtaposition extends to the incorporation of heavy construction site winter boots, emphasizing both function and resilience in northern European weather.

Reflecting Siri's advocacy for accessible art woven into everyday life, Tiger of Sweden embraces its Swedish heritage. The brand's commitment to making quality clothing accessible aligns with Siri's vision of art for everyone, not just the elite few. As the collection explores the intersection of fashion, art, and functionality, it pays homage to Sweden's transformative history and Tiger of Sweden's role in shaping the fashion landscape.