Fall destination Istanbul - Turkey

Written by Jahwanna Berglund

Pleasant autumn days are an excellent time to explore big cities. During November, autumn slowly creeps up on Istanbul. It is a season when the city enjoys both sunshine and cool breezes while the Bosphorus reflects the colours of the new season.
Let's explore Istanbul and its wide range of experiences.

During the fall, Istanbul flourishes when it comes to art and cultural events, Festivals, music, nightlife have returned from the calmer pace of the holidays. During October, one of the city's biggest cultural events takes place, the Beyoğlu Kulturgatan Festival, where more than a thousand different events are organised on different platforms around the city. At the Istanbul Cinema Museum in Beyoğlu, you can currently find the newly opened exhibition “Star Wars Collection Fans of the Galaxy Exhibition” where over six hundred objects from the Star Wars universe have been collected.

Istanbul's museums are perhaps the highlight of the city's cultural scene during the fall. At Istanbul's archaeological museums, in the gardens of Topkapı Palace, archeology comes to life. The Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum presents Turkish art history from the late 19th century to the late 20th century, which are the last periods of the Ottoman Empire. The recently opened Hagia Sophia Museum, right next to the iconic Hagia Sophia, takes its visitors on an unforgettable journey through the history of this important building. Turkey's first modern and contemporary art museum, Istanbul Modern is located in a dramatic building overlooking the Bosphorus and houses acclaimed exhibitions of innovative and modern Turkish art.

Apart from its colourful culture, Istanbul is perhaps most famous for its gastronomy. The Michelin-starred gastro city is a centre where the country's culinary heritage is displayed in everything from street delicacies, to renowned fine dining restaurants serving the finest of both local and global cuisine. Mild October evenings are a perfect time to enjoy the rich flavours of Turkish food and wines with a glorious view of the historic Bosphorus.

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