Image courtsey to Acne Studios

What we can learn from the collab between Acne Studios and Kylie Jenner

Written by Emil Björnius by pari

Kylie Jenner is the new face for Acne Studios’ “Dirty” campaign, and the
Internet couldn’t be angrier.

When news broke that Kylie Jenner was to be the face of Acne Studios' “Dirty” campaign, the digital realm was ablaze. The iconic imagery, captured by the distinguished Dutch photographer Carlijn Jacobs – known for her associations with the likes of Gucci and Chanel – portrayed Jenner in an unfamiliar light: draped in oversized, mud-splattered denim.

While the Kardashians are no strangers to making headlines, this collaboration raised eyebrows. Acne Studios, the Swedish fashion powerhouse, has long been revered for its minimalist and avant-garde sensibilities. On the flip side, Kylie's sartorial journey has often journeyed through the opulent lanes of luxury and high-glam. You don’t get many hits for “Scandinavian minimalism” when googling Kylie Jenner, if you catch my drift.

Kylie, despite her monumental influence, has faced critiques for perpetuating certain beauty ideals and her ultra-glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle. This collaboration brings to mind a similar shift when indie sensation, The Weeknd, teamed up with pop maestro Max Martin, evolving his sound from niche to universal.

So, could this be Acne Studios' leap into more mainstream, expansive horizons? Or have they, in this venture, drifted from the ethos that endeared them to their loyal patrons? It is safe to say that finding the balance between her image and the Acne brand identity will be a challenge. Only time will reveal the lasting impact of #Acnegate.