TG Botanical SS24 Interview

Written by Ulrika Lindqvist

An interview with Tetyana Chumak, founder and creative director of  TG Botanical. 

UL: Please tell us about the process in creating the ss24 runway show?

TC: Applying for the SS24 edition of Copenhagen Fashion Week was as exciting as applying for
Zalando Sustainability Prize last year. This season rules and demandings for the participants
were even more challenging and many brands that have always had shows didn’t receive
this opportunity. Fortunately, TG Botanical managed to get its access to the Official Show
Schedule and did its best to prove that the Committee made the right decision.
Show preparations started at the same moment that we received the confirmation from the
CPHFW team. From the very beginning we are working with Spalt PR and their help with the
organization is always tremendous! We cooperated with them and started to find location,
production items, casting director, models, hair and make-up sponsors, music producer, food
partner etc.

We were happy to work with Monpure London as a hair sponsor and MAC Cosmetics as a
makeup partner. Special thanks to the Rosforth & Rosforth that allowed us to present our
SS24 collection with a perfectly matched location. It was also a pleasure to work with casting
director Anja Gildum and Coup de Coeur agency for model casting again this season.
I would love to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the people who took their part in
the TG Botanical SS24 Runway, every person from backstage and every guest. Your
support is my biggest asset and motivation to continue my beloved journey.

UL: What does the SS24 collection represent and what was the main inspiration for this collection?

TC: The war in Ukraine has affected and still affects everyone and everything. It is really hard to
see the beauty when your country is constantly bombing and people are dying…
That is why TG Botanical Spring-Summer 2024 collection explores the frailty of being and
the frailty of matter. Today me and my team are inspired by the destructive processes of
nature and its eternal cyclicality.

The core of the collection is the styles chaotically stitched with an elastic thread which
remind the surface of Earth and eroded metal. We also decided to use an “aged effect” to
bring an organic feel to each garment. This way we enhanced its femininity that is rooted in
the architecture of a woman’s body.

I’m always saying that TG Botanical is about “live clothing”.The fluidity of stitched styles make them look like they “live” on a body and are the one whole with it.

UL: What was the biggest challenge creating your ss24 collection?
Since 24th February, 2022, TG Botanical tends to cope with numerous challenges and
difficulties that are caused by russian invasion. Our production was suffering from the lack of
electricity and connection, my family’s fields with plants for our own-made fabrics were burned down, the team is working under the harsh psychological pressure from air alerts and military realities…

It is especially hard to see the beauty when there is a war in my country, but we need to be
strong and keep working. For us it is a real gift to have an opportunity to present our beloved
Ukraine on the global fashion scene and we truly thankful for this!

UL: How would you describe the TG Botanical woman?
he TG Botanical woman is modern, stylish and educated (both in mental and spiritual
ways). She is light, bright and real. This woman is to create timeless pieces that could be
worn by anyone at any time.

UL: What can we expect from TG Botanical in the future?
First of all, these are new technologies and materials. However, we will reveal the details
only during the next runaway (fingers crossed).

All images courtesy of CPHFW