Lovechild 1979 SS24 Interview

Written by Ulrika Lindqvist

An interview with Lovechild 1979's creative director Mia Kappelgaard about the SS24 collection.

UL:Please tell us about the process in creating the ss24 runway show?

MK:The collection has been focused on the feeling rather than seeking perfection, and we've strived to integrate that essence into the show. During the development process, we carefully worked with compositions and hybrids, selecting a remarkable location above the rooftops of Copenhagen, featuring beautiful details, layers of history, and a raw industrial charm.

For me, it was crucial to find a female voice that embodies both lightness and darkness, and we are truly grateful that Josephine, an exceptionally talented musician, wanted to join our project. Her multifaceted voice allowed us to create a soundscape backdrop for the collection, infusing it with an intimate and sensory intention.

We can hardly contain our excitement as we prepare to showcase the collection, alongside Josephine's stunning soundscape. It's a humbling experience to bring together the feeling of the collection and the grandeur of the location, and we sincerely hope it creates a memorable experience for the viewer.

UL: What does the SS24 collection represent and what was the main inspiration for this collection?

MK: The SS24 collection, 'Sensitive Standards,' draws its inspiration from the profound and tactile brilliance found in the renowned American photographer Irving Penn's work. Our goal was not to pursue perfection, but rather to evoke emotions and explore the inherent beauty of materials and the creative processes involved in their transformation.

At the core of SS24 lies a celebration of the quintessential woman – someone who embodies proficiency, imagination and self-reflection. To convey this essence, we are embracing a modern and sculptural approach to textiles, inviting a closer examination of the interplay between form and surface. Through seamless fusion of masculine elements and feminine shapes, we are aiming for a soft tailoring that gracefully envelops the body while maintaining an alluring blend of wearability and aesthetic appeal, bridging atelier with a breezy ambiance of summer dressing.

The path to achieving this balance involved thoughtfully working with a diverse range of materials, including luxurious heavy textiles and ethereal cotton-silk voile. Meticulously draping satin and crepe fabrics adding a sense of density and contrast, elevating its visual allure, and infusing each piece with a distinctive character.

UL: What was the biggest challenge creating your ss24 collection?

MK: During the creation of the new collection, we faced some challenges with managing the production. You know, ensuring materials arrived on time, dealing with transportation logistics, and managing production costs. It was a bit of a juggling act to meet strict deadlines and stick to specific parameters. It is always team effort that makes all ends meet and in the end everything was sorted out. I'm really happy with how all the pieces turned out, and I truly feel they reflect our commitment to craftsmanship and developing collections with longevity in mind.

UL: How would you describe the Lovechild 1979 woman?

MK: Our collections are designed with the quintessential woman in mind. She is a proficient, imaginative, and self-reflective individual, exuding sophistication, and an undeniable sense of self. This alter-ego we create for embodies a timeless elegance, seamlessly blending classic charm with contemporary flair. She is unafraid to challenge conventions, making audacious choices that set her apart as a true trailblazer. Our designs celebrate her unique spirit, empowering her to stand out and make a lasting impact in the world.

UL: What can we expect from Lovechild 1979 in the future?

MK: We're very excited about what lies ahead! Our hope is for organic growth and subtle development in our brand. One of my dreams is to introduce a more extensive selection of shoes and bags, so you can easily find the perfect accessories to complete your look. Our designs will always be versatile, effortlessly complementing the pieces you already have and helping you create elegant ensembles.

Another big dream of ours is to take Lovechild 1979 to an international level. It would be incredible to see our creations embraced by women all over the world!

But, above all, staying true to our values is paramount. Crafting contemporary pieces with a longevity mindset is essential to us. We want you to cherish our designs for years to come.

All images courtesy of CPHFW