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Amwin is a rising singer-songwriter who is quickly gaining attention for her unique blend of pop, R&B, and electronic music. Her music is characterized by catchy melodies, introspective lyrics, and bold production choices that reflect her diverse musical influences. Amwin's debut EP, “DREAMWAVE,” was released in 2020 and features the hit single “Uber,” which has garnered millions of streams on Spotify. Last year, in 2022, Amwin released two new singles - “Friends, Right?” and “Long Gone.” These tracks showcase Amwin's unique blend of pop, R&B, and electronic music, with catchy hooks and introspective lyrics that explore themes of love, relationships, and self-discovery. With her soulful vocals, honest songwriting, and boundary-pushing creativity, Amwin is definitely an artist to watch in the coming years.

When did you first realize that you wanted to do music?
I think the dream has always been present, although I didn’t quite take it seriously. Like, my one hobby has always been watching music videos, trying to learn the choreographies, and singing along. That’s what I did for hours, every day after school. But I never thought I would have the opportunity to proceed with the dream. Until I realized I had to take charge and go for it, or else I would die depressed 100 years from now, from not trying.

Where do you get the inspiration to write songs, and what does your creative process look like?
Cliché answered, but yes, life. When I started working with music professionally, I had never written a song before or been in a studio, which was challenging. But it has always been very important to me to be a part of the full process and grab any chance I can to express myself. Like literally any chance I can get. Therefore a big part of my focus has always been on developing my writing skills and just explore who I am, not just as an artist, but as a composer and writer. These past five years, when getting to write and create music, have been a rollercoaster. Sometimes feeling more than your body can handle and sometimes feeling nothing. It’s truly a process where you don’t just get to express yourself, you get to know yourself. Good sides and bad sides. Writing music is like that and is supposed to be like that. I’ve realized that what really inspires me to write is music. Like, melodies and themes come the most easily to me, so that’s usually where I start when I create a song. My melodies tend to tell me what I want to write about. So, I usually freestyle over a beat, like melodies and whatever words come up, and after that try to narrow down what the story feels like, and shape it into something more concrete. At the end of the day, I think what I really want to create is a world, a space for me and other people to visit. So, I look at songs like concepts, every song is its own world and story. If that make sense?

In 2015, you came second in Swedish Idol, how has that experience affected you as an artist?
For me, it was really an intense journey. I had barely ever been on stage when I joined Idol and I got to learn so much in a very intense, but also professional setting. To me, that’s the best way to learn - under pressure. I’m impatient and want to do everything - now. Of course, literally, everything was new to me, but I was very focused and learned to trust myself and my intuition through that journey - something I carry with me today as well.

You were signed to a major label for a long time, but now release music through your own label. What challenges have you encountered? Was it an obvious choice to go independent?
What challenges have I not encountered, haha. I think that’s what excites me. Choosing to embrace the musical and creative path really from the beginning, for me, was the ultimate challenge and that’s what I like about it. There are no rules, so you must set your own. Going independent has been an important part of my journey. For years I’ve worked hard to learn every part of the process, as I mentioned before, I felt it was time to own the full process. Therefore the choice was obvious, I felt I needed a new challenge to keep evolving. Kind of like a butterfly leaving a cocoon: I’ve had to grow, learn, and absorb - now it’s time to try my own

What is the best thing about the Swedish music scene?
That it’s so full of talented people. A day doesn’t go by when I’m not inspired by my colleagues, which makes the Swedish music scene very flourishing.

What are your fears?
First, I don’t believe in putting too much focus on fears. I’d rather focus on the contrast: What you hope for. With that being said, I think my one fear is to go through life with fear, fear to fail and thereby not try. I want to live my life unapologetically, in the way that I want to give life to my ideas and others. Try and learn that way.

What is your relation to fashion in relation to your artistry?
Fashion has always been a big part of my life. To me, fashion is about expression. It’s a way to visually communicate, who you are, what you want, and how you feel. Therefore I think music and fashion go hand in hand. To me, the visual part is very important and is a big reason to why I chose to approach music in the first place. I think music is the story you hear, when it comes alive visually it turns into something different - a purer version of itself. It’s a way of saying ”Hey, this is what this looks like in my head”. I guess to me I look at it this way: I’m a creator and the way I’ve chosen to express myself right now is through music, but that involves so much more than ”just” music. As I said before, it’s about creating a world and inviting people to visit that world.

Over the years you’ve worked with Selam Fessahaye, tell us about your collaboration.
She’s been a very important person to me throughout the years. She first started to style me, I think it was like back in 2016, and what I most value about our relationship is that it always has been a safe space. Where both of our crazy ideas aren’t crazy, they make sense. Or maybe, they are made to make sense. She is very good at seeing the core of people I think, like, not who they present themselves to be but who they are deep down. She’s really helped me to partly trust in my own ideas and ride for them, but also to embrace the creative process and focus on what’s fun and interesting rather than what ”looks good”. Now she’s been acknowledged as one of the most interesting and talented designers. Which makes nothing but sense, as she always has been. Also, we both like animals a lot, which is dope.

Can you name someone you admire and why?
I admire so many people I don’t know where to start. I seriously just admire everyone who has the courage to follow their intuition and dreams, regardless of what that is or means to them. I think that’s the most courageous thing you can do.

What makes you happy?
Being on stage. Period. It’s the one place where I feel in full contact with myself and my surroundings. Like, I want to get into meditation and stuff. Literally every shrink that I’ve ever talked to tells me that’s the one thing I should do. But I’m restless, which makes that kind of hard for me. I’ve realized that being on stage is my meditation, as I in those moments really feel like there is no other place than here and now.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?
Fucking dope.

In 2019, you released the EPAMWIN In Wonderland’. What has happened since then?
A lot. Apart from me starting my own label, which has been a lot of fun and work. I feel like I’ve really grown when it comes to writing music. I’m still focused on creating music that isn’t loyal to a genre, I just want to create whatever I think is dope, without being put in a box. I don’t want to follow rules. But I also feel I’ve gotten to know a new side of myself, and I feel more open to letting people in, which also reflects in my music. It’s very close to heart this time. Since then, I’ve also been in a relationship, which ended rather recently. It’s taught me a lot I guess, and I feel like you will hear that in my music as well.

So far this year, you’ve released the songs ’Friends, Right?’ and ‘Long Gone’, can you tell us about them?
They’re both different songs, but in a way, they’re not. ”Friends, right?” has a playfulness to it that I love and it’s a side of me that I haven’t really shown in my music before. It’s just a chilled, vibey, and relatable song. Whereas ” Long Gone” is a bit more messy. We really went off with the base and the lyrics is a bit of a contrast with the production, which I like. Sound wise they both come from a happy place. Especially ”Long Gone”, which I made with my ex when we were fresh in love. When everything and anything felt like it was possible. Apart from it being a dope song, the whole process of making it was very special and I feel like we in the end succeeded in capsuling that hopeful and honest feeling. It will always have a special place in
my heart.

Looking back at your career, is there anything you would have like to have done differently? What are you most proud of?
I wouldn’t change anything. I’ve always made all my decisions from my heart, and I feel like I’ve stayed loyal to my intention as much as possible throughout. That’s something I’m proud of, that I stay loyal to what I feel is right, even though it sometimes makes life a bit harder than it could be, haha. I feel like I’m on the path I’m meant for and I’m just excited about what’s to come!

Finally, what are your plans for 2023?
My main plan is to take life by storm. I’m excited to keep releasing more music. I’ve worked on the new music for quite some time, and it’s been a lot of ups and downs, but I’m stoked about the result and to share it. Honestly, my music is all I’m focusing on right now. That and having fun, enjoying my youth, and occasionally dancing in bars.

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