The Beauty Essentials for October

Written by Yasmine

The focus this month is the hidden products of skin-, and hair care. The heroes next to the classic day creams, the shampoos and body lotions. Instead, here are the oils, serums, and treatments that give us that extra boost. Perfect for when the weather is changing and we are heading for a colder season. You will notice I am more positive than usual – but they deserve it.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil
Bye-bye body lotion, and hello body oil. Oil can improve the skin, more than cream and the queen of them all is this the Bio-Oil Skincare Oil. It has saved me many times from getting scars, and it keeps my stretch marks hydrated (and hopefully keeps new ones away). It’s actually the first oil to prove that it could improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and today has over 400 skincare awards to its name. If my words of this holy grail is not enough - Kim Kardashian herself, swear by it. However, hey, bio-oil – if you need new ideas on packaging improvement, I am open to share my ideas.

C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum, Sunday Riley
This little gem is hidden behind the Vitamin C oils. The serum is perfect for those with sensitive skin and still want a powerful C vitamin product. It’s an advanced serum with a creamy formula - with plant saccharides and 15 percent vitamin C (THD ascorbate). This to visibly minimize pores, brighten dark spots, and target signs of aging. It has a lovely smell that reminds you of summer, and you give a very soft and lovely feeling applying it.  Not to mention, it creates an antioxidant protection when applied every morning that last throughout the day, However, if you still are looking for an oil, look no further than the brand's Vitamin C oil, here.

L'Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox Anti-deposit Protector Concentrated Hair Oil
As the name hints, Metal Detox – is a metal detox for your hair. It’s supposed to strengthen your hair and remove damage caused by the metal from the water when we shower. A treatment to remove the build-up.
Since the pandemic, from washing my hair 1-2 times a week – to countless extra. I can feel in the last 7-8 months that my hair texture has changed completely. So, when this oil was released, I was ready to try it. And fingers crossed so far, my hair feels super soft and strong after application. It’s easy to apply, either in towel-dry hair or dry hair - and you don’t need much. Result-wise, the softness is really there, however, if it takes away metal, I don’t know yet, but my hair feels stronger so it has to be doing something right! It’s also a heat-protection for up to 230°C. Ideal for all hair types and textures.

Healing Curls Treatment, L’ANZA
O.M.G. To all my curly girls out there, there is a new sheriff in town. While I am writing an entire article on the new curl series from L’anza, I couldn’t keep this leave-in treatment from you longer than needed. Curl Restore is a deeply moisturizing leave-in treatment, that combines the power of plant-based protein, vegan butters & wildcrafted botanicals. At first sight, I thought this bottle was a mask, so I used it as such. Ehh wrong. It’s a leave-in. And it sure leaves in the moisture. My hair feels absolutely moisturised and frizz-free, with soft looking curls. That’s all I can say for now, the long review is coming…

White Tea Skin Solutions Fortifying Bi-Phase Oil Serum, Elizabeth Arden Last but not least, Elizabeth Arden released their new collection 'White Lotus' this September, and throughout the month, I have tried it. Enriched with antioxidant-rich EGCG, the serum is a bi-phase serum with a light, fast-absorbing formula that restores skin's clarity and youthful elasticity. The upper phase is enriched with lipid-rich white tea oil to nourish the skin's barrier. The lower phase is enriched with EGCG, white tea extract and rainbow algae to tighten, brighten and even skin tone. Shake well to mix the two liquides, massage 3-5 drops onto cleansed skin, morning and night.

If you are looking for some more beauty essentials in 2022, especially in hair care, find it here.