photography by PAULINE SUZOR

Backstage at Cheap Monday AW15

Written by Jade D'econzac Mbay by Michaela Widergren

People are starting to form a line while waiting to get into the “open to all” show that Cheap Monday is arranging. The excitement's high, it’s outside and it’s freezing. Everyone gathers around the stands were you can get a hot beverage of tea. I take a seat close to the runway which is built up around the fountain in the middle of Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm. Then, suddenly the surrounding in the middle of the fountain goes into flames and everyone gets quiet, the show starts. My main focus besides the show is meeting one of the designers; Richard Hutchinson the former owner of the brand The local firm that is now creating menswear at Cheap Monday.

JDM: Richard, Hi! Which is the most interesting piece in the collection and what has been your focus this year? 

RH: There are fanzine inspired prints which are unusually placed on the garments. Instinctive design is the most brilliant attribute in this collection. 

JDM: What materials are given extra attention in the collection? 

RH: A lot of pieces that are torn apart and hairy surfaces. 

JDM: Inspiration for the show?

RH: The Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

JDM: Why did you choose to have an “open” show this year? 

RH: Cheap Monday has always been very close to the customers and we are used to interacting with the crowd. To show to the public seems obvious when possible.

JDM: Will you try to do the same next time?

RH: I don’t know yet!

JDM: You have been a part of Cheap Monday for almost a year, how does it feel to be part of that team?

RH: It’s overwhelming. I can’t think of any other place were my colleagues would be more creative, ambitious and decent. 

JDM: Tell me more about the project pocket Operators! 

RH: It’s a super inspiring collaboration with Teenage Engineering. Everything started with Kouthoofd, the founder and CEO on Teenage Engineering, got in touch with a friend of his- our Creative Director Ann-Sofie Back and wanted Cheap Monday to design work coats and so on with the Teenage team. We thought it seemed nice so we went with it, and asked Teenage Engineering to design something for us as a counter-performance. The whole thing ended with Teenage Engineering and us together launching a series with three portable micro synths and matching gear such as t-shirts, pins and phone cases.

JDM: What's the biggest difference in working with Cheap Monday and your own brand The Local Firm? 

RH: The most natural difference is that the companies are so different in size and structure. But the most surprising one is the powerful driving force behind creating fashion for the youth of our time.

JDM: And one last question, what's your feeling about the upcoming season?

RH: I haven’t had time to think about that yet!