This season, the CHANEL makeup style will be blue. Blue, like the sea. Blue, like the mysterious depths of the ocean. But also orange, like vibrant corals. What does this colour bring to mind? Ask this question, and you will never hear the same answer twice.

If colour is an idea, then choosing one also means deciding on your style. Choosing a colour is always the result of a creative spark, of momentum and movement. To wear a colour is to partly define yourself with it. To determine your destiny, and the impact you will make.

Colours are a form of self-expression. They tell the story of a mindset, an attitude, a temperament, and are imbued with meaning and symbolism that goes beyond simple aesthetics. A story of instinct and feeling that no form of logic can justify. The colours we gravitate toward say something about who we are, about the way our unique imagination manifests and chooses to reveal itself to the world. Beyond the palette, the colour of allure is a story within ourselves that is brought to light.


There’s nothing to see here.