Since its founding in 2005 by Cristopher Nying, Jockun Hallin and Richardos Klarén, OUR LEGACY has developed a cult following drawn to its minimalist yet characterful designs. Their WORK SHOP initiative, launched in 2016, is a capsule atelier-store-workspace demonstrating the values that form the brand’s foundation: dedicated to recycling and upcycling old garments to ensure no effort or material is wasted.

For over 6 decades, our Northamptonshire factory has utilised a rich archive of premium materials to bring our silhouettes to life — materials with deep-set heritage and limitless potential. Our first collaboration with OUR LEGACY WORK SHOP is built from offcuts of leather from world-renowned tanneries Horween and C. F. Stead. It showcases reworked versions of our instantly recognisable 1461 3-eye shoe.
Chicago tannery Horween has been synonymous with quality and fine craftsmanship for nearly 100 years and has been a staple on our Wollaston production line for decades. Their heavyweight Chromexel leather has a deep pull-up and tonnes of character, forming the upper of the first shoe in this limited collection. Available in black with waxed laces also from deadstock and a plain black welt, the shoe is embossed with the OUR LEGACY Yin Yang logo on the heel and WORK SHOP embossed on the tongue. It stands on the iconic DMS sole and is finished with a black and gold scripted heel loop.
Bolder but no less considered, the second shoe in the collection is built from Desert Oasis Suede from Leeds-based tannery C. F. Stead in red alert: a bright, unmissable shade. The shoe is furnished with tonal flat red laces from the factory’s deadstock and marked with the same OUR LEGACY and WORK SHOP embossing. It stands on a trans DMS sole with a black welt and is tagged with our black and gold AirWair heel loop.

The collection lands 17/11 at and