Blugiallo unveils 'Två Trappor' – a new showroom in the heart of Stockholm

Written by Fashion Tales

Blugiallo, the Swedish-founded brand renowned for its exclusive and bespoke clothing, now opens the doors to its new home and showroom 'Blugiallo, Två Trappor', where personal style takes centre stage. Situated above the iconic Riche in central Stockholm, this new destination becomes not only a place for clothes but also for artistic inspiration and familial warmth.

Established in Borås in 2016, Blugiallo has become a pioneer in men's fashion in the Swedish market by offering sustainable and personalized clothing of the highest quality. Since last December, Blugiallo has also included made-to-measure options for women, continuing to offer a unique combination of style and service.

The new showroom aims to be more than just a place for clothes. It is a manifestation of Blugiallo as a brand and a reflection of the company's vision to help people express their unique style and personal brand through tailored garments.
“It has always been a dream for us to create a Blugiallo home, rather than a classic store or showroom. With 'Två Trappor', we have created a space where design, interior, and architecture are a direct reflection of who we are and what inspires us. Our new home is a place where all the wonderful personalities we meet, whether they are existing or new customers, can feel at home,” says Alexander Moström, founder of Blugiallo.

Blugiallo's showroom, previously located on Artillerigatan, has now found a 115-square-meter new home at Birger Jarlsgatan 2, 2 floors up. In addition to the physical showroom in Stockholm, Blugiallo will continue to offer tailoring and sales at its showroom in Borås, as well as online, using an innovative digital tool that allows customers to find the right measurements without the need for personal assistance.

At Blugiallo, each garment is a unique creation tailored to the customer's measurements and material choices. By avoiding unnecessary inventory and producing only after an order is placed, Blugiallo strives not only to create personalized clothing of the highest quality but also to redefine the way we consume and wear clothing.

Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 2, 2 trappor
Opening Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., starting from February 16th

Image courtesy of Blugiallo