Rotate SS24 Interview

Written by Ulrika Lindqvist

An interview with ROTATE about the SS24 collection.

UL: Please tell us about the process in creating the ss24 runway show?

R: This season, the show and the collection are deeply connected. The collection was
inspired by the ornate and rich decoration of Parisian hotels, mixed with a rebellious
edginess found in 90s London designers. For the show, we will be presenting the
collection against the backdrop of Copenhagen’s most famous hotel, D’Angleterre,
which is as ornate and rich as the Parisian haunts that inspired us.

UL: What does the SS24 collection represent and what was the main inspiration for
his collection?

R: As mentioned, we took inspiration from the mixture of antique and modern design that
we noticed in Parisian architecture. It caused us to reflect on how this architectural
combination is brought to life in clothing, and we started to look at the celebrated
London designer of the early 90s. This period had a sense of freedom and rebellion, yet
with an undercurrent on sophistication, and we decided that this was the direction we
wanted to take for our collection this season.

UL:What was the biggest challenge creating your ss24 collection?'

R: A major part of the collection mood is around movement and tactility. We wanted to
create the effect of feathers, but since we do not use such animal products, we had the
challenge of creating feather like effects through different materials. We worked with
layering, fraying and draping in tuille to finally capture this effect.

U:How would you describe the ROTATE woman?

R: As with all ROTATE collections, we have designed this collection to make our wearers
feel the most confident and empowered. The ROTATE woman is someone who is not
afraid to break the rules, and be totally authentic to themselves. The wide array of
styles allow for individuality to shine through, but always with a hint of glamour!

UL:What can we expect from ROTATE in the future?

R: The sky really is the limit for ROTATE! Since the brand’s inception, we have already
diversified into having a very successful bridal line, ROTATE Wedding and leisurewear
with ROTATE Sunday, as well as collaborating with several amazing brands. But we
have some very exciting collaborations in the pipeline, that we cannot wait to share
more news about soon!

All images courtesy of ROTATE