The Decadent Warrior - Fredrik Robertsson x Edblad

Written by Fashion Tales

Fredrik Robertsson, the extravagant haute couture collector, teams up with Edblad's design studio to produce a limited and unique series of jewelry.

The collaboration between Edbladand Fredrik is as uniqe as the collection a relationship that gose back a long way thanks to their common heart issue and work for the Rainbow Foundation, where Fredrik sits on the board and to which Edblad has annually donated money, arranged events with and released collections for the benefit of, via its Helping Hand initiative.

The collection consists of a well-crafted headdress out of the ordinary and two sets with parts from this, rings and necklaces. A collaboration with a huge wow factor, just like Fredrik himself.

Odalisque Magazine had a chat with the multitalented Mr Robertson to get a insight in the collaboration.

Tell us about yourself and how your devotion for fashion began.

Well, I am a haute couture collector and buyer who used to be in PR and now work with my fiancé as a creative director for haircare company Björn Axén and sit on the board of the non-profit organization Regnbågsfonden. I think my love of fashion really began when I grew up in Singapore, and we wore school uniform to school. One day a week we had free dress day – and that is when I loved to express myself. I would walk to the luxury department stores and check out Moschino and the other brands, and dream to one day be able to buy it all, haha.

You're quite the trailblazer for personal expression through unique designs and couture pieces. How would you describe your aesthetic/style?

I try not to describe my style at it changes daily. I love fashion and I love the power of fashion. How it can make you feel, make others see you, how it can open doors, and close them, haha. I dress for the occasion, I dress the way I feel. I love the process of creating a look.
But I can just as easily wear black simple joggers from Rick Owen to a Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture dress with 3-meter train. Both feel just as natural to me.

Tell us about the Fredrik Robertsson x Edblad-collection.

I have always wanted to create jewelry, and have dabbled in it before. But to create something special with Edblad was an honor because it reaches a lot of people which I love.
The revolution in Iran had just started, and working with Regnbågsfonden makes me inspired by the brave people who take to the streets and fight for our basic human rights. So, this collection is dedicated to them. A fierce headpiece for protection and self-expression. And chains I see as armour.

What sparked the idea to life? Key inspirations?

I love the mystique of covering my face with a head piece, mask or something fabulous to create extra drama. That was my first initial idea, and then it all came together with the inspiration from my rainbow warriors.

What lies next on the horizon for Fredrik Robertsson?

Oh, I have a huge exhibition this fall with all of my haute couture, photos taken by Ea Czyz who has been with me in Paris for 10 years. The exhibition is curated by Susanna Strömquist and designed by Robin Grann. Soon you will get more information….