Written by Yasmine

This week, we were presented with the surprise of the year in the beauty industry. Emma Watson is back in the spotlight. The award-winning actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador have written, directed, and stars in the launch of Paradoxe, the new women’s fragrance by Prada.

The new fragrance celebrates the multi-dimensionality of a woman. Something Watson is very familiar too working and being active in many different fields, as an artist, an activist, and an actor. Now, also as a director – directing the film campaign for Prada - an empowering celebration of what it means to be a living paradox. The film is Watson’s personal expression and perspective, an insight into her many unexpected symbioses. At its core, Watson is describe to orchestrate a dynamic symphony celebrating her every dimension– at once alive and vibrant within her, set free in the spirit of indefinability. Are we not happy she is back? 

In a statement, Watson talks about her new opportunity
“I think it was serendipitous that Prada came to me with this project. It was around the time when I had really made a decision in my heart and my head that I wanted to direct – and I found the concept of being a woman who is a paradox so compelling.’’

She continues describing the new fragrance as a celebration ‘’…I hope that the values behind Prada Paradoxe give women a little more space to celebrate themselves, to know that it’s ok to be complex and to explore the different facets of themselves that make them the fullest expression of who they are.”

“Why should I be framed?” asks Watson in the short film. “Boxes are always too small. I celebrate my imperfections; I do my days in joy. I'm never the same, but I'm always myself.” Something many of us can relate too, being more than just one thing. In it, Watson inhibits a variety of personas; from a dancer to an artist, from an explorer to someone who's completely at peace with herself.

The film is photographed by celebrated photographer Harley Weir. True to Watson's eco-conscious philosophy, Prada Paradoxe creates a refillable fragrance. The Italian brand is also working with Watson and ethical fashion experts Good On You to improve its sustainability and transparency. See the video below.

Read about the new fragrance here. 


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