photography by DANILO HESS stylist BRIT CATO

hair & make up ROBERTO MORELLI for Nars Cosmetics

model KATYA KULYZHKA / Women Direct

photographer’s assistant MIKE STEWART stylist’s assistant ALBERT KARIM

sheer black robe ONGOSSOMER diamond headband THE BLONDS

oft coral lace bra DEBORAH MARQUIT sheer line seemed pantyhose FOGAL

black suede crystal rock pumps LACO BULEIA

Velvet Curtains

by Danilo Hess by Michaela Widergren

orchard adornment JULIA CLANCY dark nude strapless lace bra DEBORAH MARQUIT

bow tie fish net pantyhose WOLFORD black latex skirt JAC LANGHEIM

black brass zipper platforms HERNAN LANDER

HERNAN LANDER high shoulder blouse, nude zipper platforms,

lime green lance bra & panty DEBORAH MARQUIT

WOLFORD lace black garter, sheer nude cosmetic thigh highs,

black adornment JULIA CLANCY

black 50’s style bra DEBORAH MARQUIT

JULIA CLANCY mask adornment

high waist panty short ONGOSSAMER

red bra & panty DEBORAH MARQUIT

WE LOVE COLORS chocolate brown fish net stocking

gold lamé robe dress FOLEY + CORINA

JULIA CLANCY black adornment

teal green wedge pumps CAMILLA SKOVGAARD

WOLFORD cosmetic sheer nude pantyhose

black latex glove JAC LANGHEIM

KENNETH JAY LANE red/gold bracelet

nude strapless bra ONGOSSAMER


There’s nothing to see here.