The star of the new series Jamaican Black Castrol Oil from The Body Shop, is the Intense Moisture Mask. A deep condition for curls and coils. The range has been tested and reviewed by all types of curls to make sure it works for a wide range of different hair types.

To be confident in curls, it can sometimes take work. But the new Intense Moisture Mask is not only intense for soft hair but has a calm and warm spicy smell that honestly smells like Christmas. 

The key ingrediants black castor oil, is a secret gem known as an amazing ingrediant for curly and coily hair. Now, finally becoming more comercial and a popular ingrediant in conditioners, hair masks and oils. The new moisture mask is infused with vegan keratin protein and Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana, to nourish and hydrate hair with moisture. The luscious mask helps to keep hair tangle-free, softer and more manageable while working to enhance natural curls and coils. Use it together with the leave-in conditioner, and your curls are all set for days to come. 

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