• I feel like this is a re-occuring thing where I saw I want to blog every week at the exact same time, same day, etc.

    Respect to the people who do this professionally!

    On another note: I have been traveling a lot, and we all know the holidays/new year isn't the most blissful time of the year.

    Along with many of my own new year's resolutions, I do really want to take time in 2018 to do more personal work on here as well as styling work in general. 

    So right before the new year, me and my photography soul mate (I mention her a lot on this blog, so if you haven't looked her up already then you haven't been keeping up..) Alex decided to do a shoot with using my cousin.

    I know right? How lucky am I to be able to say that I am related to such beauty. ;) 

    I'm going to throw in all my behind the scenes photos that I was able to take. Of course can't show you guys every look otherwise that would ruin the end result! 


    Love, Dahlia Celestina
  • I am writing this with 30 minutes to spare as I wait for my taxi to the airport. 

    I have a week long “business” trip to Bali, and thought I would share these disposables from the past week!

    I am planning on trying to take as many photos as I can whilst on the island - so keep your eyes peeled for that!

    Enjoy this random bunch of photos as I try to survive my jetlag!

    Love, Dahlia Celestina
  • Wanted to continue my series with those random pictures you take at the end of your film.

    These were taken about an hour before I gave in my camera to be developed. 

    AKA: “I have to give this in right now before I forget, but I still have 5 photos left.”

    For my international readers, these are photos of my neighborhood!

    Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I am officially 23 and feeling it; photos from that night will be coming up soon… 

    Love, Dahlia Celestina


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