Written by Fashion Tales

To shed light on the importance of sleep for a well-balanced life, Lexington Company launches their global Sleep Well. Live Well. campaign for the second consecutive year in conjunction with World Sleep Day. The campaign highlights the importance of sleep, sleeping habits, how to get a good night’s sleep, and of course finding your perfect match in bedding.

We want to distance ourselves from what has previously been the ideal, to proudly work and be social around the clock. The ideal today is to be able to achieve a balance in life, which includes a healthy sleep habit. Kristina Lindhe, founder, CEO and Creative Director of Lexington Company.

World Sleep Day occurs yearly on the Friday before the vernal equinox, and is a day where light is shed upon sleep, sleep related diseases and important subjects regarding sleep such as education, research and medicine. Lexington’s Sleep Well. Live Well. campaign launched on March 4 and lasts until World Sleep Day on March 15.

Together with Sifo, a Swedish company operating in the field of opinion and social research, Lexington produced a survey called Lexington Company Sleep Barometer to map out Swedes sleeping habits. The survey shows that 94% of all Swedes believe sleep to be important but only 2% prioritize it. Career, family, social life and working out is what Swedes prioritize before sleep.

The survey proves that Swedes need more and better sleep, as the survey takers sleep two hours less than they wish to every night.

”What your bedroom looks like as well as which bedding you use has a great impact on your sleep,” Kristina Lindhe said.